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There are many companies. Why choose us?

At Protect with Insurance, we are committed to providing you the best services and prices you can find. We promise to treat you like family. What are you waiting for? Schedule a free consultation today!

The Best Support

Once you join our family, we are just a text, email or call away, with anything you need. We also encourage our clients to share our contact info with their beneficiaries, so that if death occurs, we can assist them, as well.

The Best Prices & Programs

We shop/compare the top companies that have the highest ratings and offer the best Death Benefits and Living Benefits. We help explain the benefits, so you understand and can choose how you and your family are protected.

The Best Specialists

Our team of professional State Licensed Insurance Specialists go though intensive training and certification above and beyond state and national requirements, so you are receiving the best possible service and insurance protection.

Want a Life Insurance quote, without the hassle of a phone call?

          1. Text “life insurance quote” to (928) 267-6058
          2. Easily provide info from your mobile device
          3. Get your quote!
  1. Text “life insurance quote” to (928) 267-6058
  2. Easily provide info from your mobile device
  3. Get your quote!

We have a great team

Brian Grosbayne, National Risk Assessment Director

Brian has an impressive background in personal and group finance, loan acquisition, and life insurance. His last 30 years of helping families across the country secure their finances for themselves and their loved ones have made Brian one of the foremost risk assessment experts in the life insurance industry. Now he assesses risk on a national scale, to help as many people get insured, for as little cost as possible.

William Hamburg, National Marketing Director

William’s marketing expertise combined with his endless patience and love for helping others, makes him the instant choice to spearhead all marketing efforts. His motto is, “Help as many people as we can.” He accomplishes this through his tremendous marketing skill and desire to help others.

Chad McMahan, Managing Broker

Chad’s has tremendous talent and passion for helping families across the country He firmly believes he can not lead, unless he actively works with clients. To that end, he works directly with clients, to secure the best programs and lowest possible cost life insurance policies, available. This allows him to “stay sharp” and continue to help agents to provide the highest quality customer service and expertise, possible.

Richard Santos- A Rated Life Insurance Specialist

Richard has an enormous heart, as well as unending patience and energy to assist others. Because he has made helping others such a dynamic priority, he has become one of our premier agents. Therefore he has priority access to the A Rated life insurance network, so that he can help others as efficiently as possible.

Tim Allen – A Rated Life Insurance Specialist

Tim has access to our A Rated life insurance network and become one of our premier agents, because he always prioritizes the needs and goals of his clients, first. His selfless nature and his drive to serve American families through life insurance serves him well. And most importantly, serves his clients and their loved ones.

Owning Life Insurance is one of the best ways to protect our loved ones.

That is why a recent study showed that over 82% of Americans agree that they absolutely NEED life insurance. However, only 50% of Americans actually have life insurance.

Ironic as is it sounds, it is because – life happens. Many of us believe that “we aren’t going to die anytime soon”. And while we would all love for that to be true it simply isn’t reality. We are all going to die someday, and we don’t know when. Some of us have already had a near death experience or know someone that passed away, far too soon and unexpectedly.

The worse possible outcome is when parents have kids or other dependents and no life insurance protection. Too many times we have seen a spouse pass away and the family loses their home and other financial security, in addition to mourning, which seems to make decision making impossible, for even the most strong-minded.

Life insurance places the financial burden to pay a wide variety of expenses for you and your family. Some of the common costs the insurance companies cover are medical expenses, funeral/burial, Mortgage balance or monthly payments, misc bills and more.

Be proactive, not reactive when it comes to getting life insurance. We can create a life insurance plan for any budget. Whether your budget is $300 or $50 per month we will create a custom plan for you, within your budget, so your family is protected.

Let us help protect your family, on your budget- and we promise to keep it simple.