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Accident Insurance

Did You Know That Every SIX Seconds Someone Dies From An Accident?

According to the latest report from the Center For Disease Control, who tracks the leading causes of death in America, accidental deaths in America has just jumped up to the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN AMERICA in 2017. 

It's not just car accidents either, it could be anything from tripping, falling, snake bikes, to a something falling on you.

Living in America without Accidental Death Insurance is like driving around without your seatbelt every day. It's a matter of time until an accident happens.

One of the greatest benefits of applying for Affordable Accidental Death Insurance in Arizona is that there is NO MEDICAL CHECK and NO PROBATION PERIOD

You read that right, NO BLOOD TEST and definitely NO URINE TESTS

Once you meet with your agent for this 15-minute meeting, they can leave you a BINDER. A BINDER is an authorization for insurance on the spot! 

That means you could get an accident the very next day and the insurance company would have to pay your beneficiary the benefit. Of course, some restrictions apply. For example, some companies only allow $100,000 to be paid if that happens before you get your policy issued but for life insurance that starts at $20/month for most people over $50, there is no reason why you would not have it.

Think about it, what's more important? Getting a venti non-fat, frappuccino with caramel and whip cream each month or giving your family $100,000 if something happens to you?

Get affordable, cheap life insurance today by scheduling a time with your Protect With Insurance agent. We services the Prescott area, the Verde Valley, Sedona and even as north as Flagstaff, Arizona!

Below are a few examples of how much is Accident Insurance costs.

Examples of Cost of $100,000 In Accidental Death Insurance in Arizona

Female 25


*Billed monthly, no medical exam

Male 25


*Billed monthly, no medical exam

Female 65


*Billed monthly, no medical exam

Male 65


*Billed monthly, no medical exam

To no surprise, you can see that the cost of a male and female the same exact age is different. Maybe that is because men tend to do stupid things more than women do. Not only that but for $100,00 even at age 65 it is still about a buck a day. 

Oh one more thing, your monthly cost for affordable Accidental Insurance will not change. As long as you make your payments, you will be covered.

Lastly, some companies offer a Return of Premium (ROP) option on their accident insurance. ROP is just a fancy way of saying you get all your money back if you don't die. Pretty cool right? Ask your agent if you qualify today.

Need Help Finding The Right Plan?

We are here to help! Give us a call for an informative, no-pressure consultation a State-Licensed  Insurance Broker

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