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3 types of life insurance: term, whole and accidental

I’m Chad McMahon with protect with insurance, and I’m going to do my best to point you in the right direction on that. It’s very simple. Firstly, go to our website. You can pull your own life insurance quote. It’s very, very easy, and I’m going to give you some quick instructions on how to do it.
You go to and then you’re going to see all sorts of buttons and forms on there. You can scroll to a form where you see that you can fill in for life insurance quotes, and again, it’s this Arizona stuff. So an Arizona life insurance quote, you’re going to see buttons for free quote.


You can click on those buttons and it’ll take you to a landing page where it’s very easy. You just plug in a few pieces of information and you can actually, it will shop for you. It’s really cool. It shops some of the things. Companies that we shop for you manually, so there’s a 60% chance that you’re going to see the best possible option.
And, if you like what you see, we can at least do that and possibly better because we pull a few additional options. One where on the phone with someone, just because it depends on the logistics of how easy it’s going to be to get you to sign applications and things like that. But we’re happy to just price without any of them.
So you go to the . Flood You click on free quote or you just scroll to one of the forms. Now, if you want a whole life insurance quote, also known as final expense, also known as burial insurance for seniors. if you want any of those things, then, that’s the default form that you’re going to see on there.
And if you click on free quotes, it’s going to take you to those. Now, if you want a term policy or a. Mortgage protection policy, which by the way, just so you know, they’re the same thing. but if you want one of those that go to services, you’re going to see a tab at the top of the screen, goats services, and select either term or mortgage protection.
And then it’s going to go there and you scroll down. There’ll be a form, a free quote form for term and mortgage protection. So you can do that. But yeah, for an Arizona life insurance quoted. Breezy now, so we’ve increased our bandwidth. We’re able to do this for ya. The other way is just pick up the phone call and you’re going to see our phone nber on that website.
But, you just, you can even do it from your, if you’re using your mobile device, your cell phone, a smartphone, you can go to the website and there’s a phone nber. You can touch it with your finger. It will dial us directly and you’ll be connected with an agent that’s in your area to walk you through the process.
It gets you a free. Quote, and if you want to take it a step further and get coverage, the agent can do that with you right then and there. Otherwise you can just get your free quote and we’re happy to do that for you. So I hope this has been really helpful. It is super easy now to get a free Arizona life insurance quote.
we like to provide these tools for everyone, whether you’re our client or not. We want to make it easy and we try to do everything we can to, to earn your business so that we have the chance to, to chat with you and get you the best. As possible rate that you can. and on that note, just so that, you know, the best way to get the best price is to shop like crazy.
And so we do that for you. We shop, we run here, run everything for you for quite a few different options and, and get you the best price that we can. So hope that’s been helpful. Take care.


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