Are you interested in an Arizona Life Insurance Quote?

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple. There is a very simple, pain-free and cost-free way to get an Arizona life insurance quote, right this minute.

Life Insurance Quote Table of Contents


Where Can I Get A Life Insurance Quote?

First, you can click HERE to instantly pull a free whole life/burial insurance quote. This is the most common type of life insurance. So, I’ll briefly elaborate. Burial insurance is simply whole life insurance for seniors. Any whole life insurance that offers $5,000 – $40,000 (full coverage) death benefit, when the insured is age 55-85, is commonly called “Burial Insurance” or “Final Expense Life Insurance“. While this type of life insurance is most common, there are many other options.

Life Insurance Quote Options

Within the cyber walls of this site, you can grab instant, free life insurance quotes for the following types of life insurance:

  1. Whole life “Burial Insurance”
  2. Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance
  3. Traditional Term and “Mortgage Protection” policies
  4. Accidental Only life insurance


Guaranteed whole life insurance is whole life insurance for anyone with major medical conditions, that cannot get approved for traditional whole life insurance. Traditional Term Life and mortgage Protection are really the same things. They are a TERM/temporary life insurance policy. It’s ideal for healthier clients to get $100,000 – $500,000 full coverage of death benefits, for 10-30 years. Accidental Only life insurance only pays out for deaths caused by an accident. Most insurance companies only insure until age 80. Accidental Only policies are ideal for anyone aged 30-70, who wants a lower costing $100,000 – $500,000 policy. All the life insurance quote forms can be navigated from our “Services” tab, found HERE. Whether you are wanting a quote to save money (if you have other life insurance), or you are getting your first policy, the quote form works like a champion.

The Life Insurance Quote Process

When you get to the life insurance quote form, just plug in a few pieces of information from your mobile device or from your computer and click, “Submit”. The software will shop for a multitude of companies for you. It’s really quite cool. Every company and insurance product that is an option, based on the criteria you type in, will be displayed. Then you get to choose your life insurance and the price.


Of course, at any time you can call us, as you will likely have questions. Next, you select the life insurance product and company that you want, with the price you are comfortable with.  Next, submit it for our review.

How To Get From Quote To Insured

Once we review your selection, we call you to verify your desired policy and coverage. Just as quickly we verify that you qualify for the policy and company, based on your health. This takes an average of 2 minutes. Finally, we ask a few other follow up questions that the insurance company requires.  We digitally submit your application. Ninety percent of the time, we can confirm approval, right there on the spot! If you fall within the 10% of the time that approval is not given instantly, we will follow up with you on the phone, within 1-5 business days, to confirm approval. After approval, the insurance company mails you your life insurance policy, and you are done! Your family is financially protected with an important life insurance policy

If you have other life insurance questions, feel free to check out our other articles in the blog section, or call us directly for immediate assistance. This article was written by Chad McMahan, the CEO of Protect With Insurance. Chad can be reached at