At What Age Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Buy Life Insurance Early

The earlier you get it, the less life insurance is going to cost you. The level of life insurance coverage depends on the kind of policy you wish to get, how much coverage you should get; and a number of other factors, including your age and state of health. These are the kinds of options and choices you would talk with your agent about.

In terms of what your goals are, you would depend on your agent to set up a policy that’s realistic for you; that’s not going to be over-insuring and within the budget that’s going to meet your needs now.

There are even great policies out there that are for children, which typically are whole life policies.

Whole life policies go on forever, until your death. You don’t need to worry about the policy expiring.

How old should you be to buy life insuranceIf you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties or even fifties, you probably might want to look at a Return of Premium Term Policy. With a 30-year Term Life Insurance With Return of Premium you’re going to get all your money back at the end. During that term, you’re going to be covered for a large chunk of coin.

You can choose a $200,000, $300,00, a $500,000 policy or even a policy that pays out into the millions. It just depends upon what your goals are and what your budget is.

If you are in your sixties, we can still look at a term policy but probably not a Return of Premium Term policy. Depending upon your health, you might be eligible for a Whole Life Policy as well.

If you’re past the age of about 65  you might want to start looking at just whole life policies, policies that never expire.  However, you are going to want to get this policy as early as you can.

If you don’t have life insurance make it a point to get it nowDo it! Don’t wait. It is a huge relief to have life insurance. If you have a family it is a great relief to know your spouse and children are protected.

If you don’t, when you pass, you’re passing on the debt to your loved ones. You want to help your family, even when you’re gone. It’s really a loving gesture.

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