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Understanding Accidental Death Life Insurance with Return of Premium

  What is Accidental Insurance? Accidental Life Insurance insinuates there is a death by an accident. Insurers define an“accident”  as an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally resulting in damage or injury. Accidental Means involves acts that caused damage or harm, but which were themselves accidental. Both the injury and the event have to be […]
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Understanding Term Life Insurance

Understanding Term Life Insurance Term Life Insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a life insurance policy at a fixed rate of cost for a limited period of time, or “term”. Once this term ends, the policyholder may have the option to renew it for another term, convert the life insurance policy to permanent coverage (whole life insurance) or simply […]
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What Is Guaranteed Life Insurance?

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance? Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is a type of Whole Life Insurance policy that does not require you to answer any health questions, take a medical exam or allow an insurance company to review inspect your medical and prescription records.  Affordable Guaranteed Life Insurance in Prescott is for people with extensive health […]
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