Burial Insurance For Less Than $2 Per Day

Inexpensive Burial Insurance For $2 a Day

Inexpensive Burial Insurance For $2 a Day

There are certain types of life insurance you can purchase, like inexpensive burial insurance, that can greatly reduce your anxiety over your end-of-life needs. For instance, you can get burial life insurance Arizona for less than $2 per day, which comes out to less than  $60 per month.  There are a lot of factors that will determine the price of the policy, depending upon your age and your health.

Most importantly, depending upon how much burial insurance coverage you want, your price will vary from inexpensive to very. The first thing you need to know is how much insurance you want and why? Are you looking for a simple burial service and being cremated or are you looking for an extravagant burial with a large service and beautiful casket?

If it’s in your budget that you can afford the cost of a large burial insurance policy, that’s great. You need to determine your needs first before you sit with a life insurance agent to discuss the various policies available.

However, many of those seeking such coverage are on fixed incomes so we, as their agent, try to get that cost down as low as humanly possible for our clients.

What Is Burial Insurance?

What Is Burial Insurance?Burial insurance is a whole life insurance policy. It is also known as a funeral policy, final expense policy and cremation policy. They’re all the same thing. It’s just different verbiage for the same exact kind of coverage. Burial insurance does not mean you’re have to be buried. It also covers cremation.

Most often people nowadays do not get buried. They get cremated. Burial insurance will cover the total cost of the cremation and can possibly leave a bit of extra cash for those you leave behind.

If you want to be cremated and you get a $10,000 policy, this is going to be enough to cover cremation costs plus leave a small financial gift for a beneficiary.

If you want to be buried, it costs a lot more. People who wish to be buried usually get about a $20,000 burial insurance policy.  It can easily cost $25,000 or more for burial.  It depends upon the cost of the casket, where you’re getting buried, if the your remains need to be transported over a longer distance, the size of the funeral service and the cost of the celebration-of-life afterwards. Typical burial insurance policies can range anywhere between five and $20,000.

You can spend more than $2 a day for burial insurance if you’re 75 to 85 years old and you’re looking for a $20,000 policy.

Health Conditions and Burial Insurance

Most minor health conditions are going to be approved and get you into a competitively priced policy. If you have severe health issues, you must express that upfront with your agent.

That way your agent will have the information they need put you into the lowest price bracket possible.  They’re will try to get you the highest health rating that they can with whatever company they can. As long as it’s an A-rated life insurance company Prescott, you’re going to be in good hands.

An A-rating for a life insurance company is very important. So make sure that you ask your agent about that. Ask which companies they have access to do research on Google to find their rating. This is relatively easy to do. You do not want to deal with any company that is not A-rated. You will end up paying a higher rate for inferior coverage if you do.


What Are The Costs for Burial Insurance?

If you want a five to $20,000 policy and are 50 to about 85 years old prices are going to vary dramatically.

If you’re a smoker, it’s going to make it more expensive. If you have health issues, it’s going to make them more expensive. So average health, anywhere in that 50 to 85 age range, assuming you are a non-smoker, it’s going to be anywhere from $15 to even $10 a month on the low end. It can cost up to $500 a month for an 85-year-old that’s a smoker, has some health issues and wants $40,000 in coverage.

If you don’t have health issues, if your health is nearly perfect, meaning let’s say you are on one or two prescription medicines, maybe three at the most, depending upon what they are, with no medical diagnoses, the cost will be cheaper.

If you have minor cholesterol issues, things like that, then you can look at a term policy if you’re really concerned about the price and you want more coverage.

What seniors prefer to do, which is a great strategy and a great approach, is to get a burial insurance policy, which is basically a whole life insurance policy.

If you’re going to be cremated and want a small financial gift and it’s going to one person, a $10,000 policy is fine.

If you want a larger financial gift, a $15,000 policy or a $20,000 policy are fine. If you want to be buried and you want a financial gift, you’re probably going to be looking at 25 to $40,000 policy. The first step is you talk with an agent. They’ll quickly run the prices and look at the costs and line it up with your budget and see what you can do. It takes no more than five minutes.

There are a lot of agents out there who will spend hours with you, selling you. That’s a sales tactic. It’s completely unnecessary
and frankly, it’s unfair. You want to work with an agent that is going to take very little of your time. They’re going to cut to it right away. They’re not going to try and sell you. They’re just going to share the information with you. That’s certainly what we at Protect With Insurance try to do.

Our average time on the phone with clients takes about six minutes and that’s it. We find out what we need to know as quickly as possible cause we respect your time. We get you the information right away and then you choose what’s best for you. You can talk with whoever’s important in your life and get back with us and we help you from there.

We hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, please reach out to us@helloatprotectwithinsurance.com and we will put something together for you. We really like to take care of our clients and we like to get to know new people that can become our clients.