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If you are looking for cheap, affordable life insurance for you or your family in Arizona you have come to the right place. We proudly serve the following areas. Sedona, Cottonwood, Rimrock, Lake Montezuma, Camp Verde, Cornville, Clarkdale, Jerome, Dewey, Prescott Valley, Prescott, Chino Valley, Flagstaff, Williams, and even the Phoenix area!

What makes us different?
Well, I’m glad you asked! At Protect with Insurance, we are state-licensed life insurance brokers. That means that we have access to more insurance carriers than any life insurance agent would. By shopping across more carriers we guarantee we can offer you the most affordable, safe and reliable life insurance in Arizona.

Not only that but as a “risk assessor” we can simplify the process – saving you time and money when looking for life insurance. Our proprietary risk assessment process takes on 30 minutes to complete. Once our Risk Assessment is complete your health is “locked-in”. That means if anything happens to you after we submit your policy we have locked in your health the day we met with you.

This is extremely important because it can take up to 1 week to get a response from the life insurance company we decide to go with. Now, you don’t have to worry if something happens while we are waiting for your approval. We give you a physical copy of your life insurance binder which serves as your immediate life insurance coverage. As long as you were honest with us when we met you have nothing to worry about.

Did you know that over 93% of our clients get approved the first time we submit their policy?
That is because we have relationships with over 50 insurance companies. By the time our risk assessment is complete, we already know who is the most likely to approve you so you don’t have to worry about constantly going back and forth with us or the insurance company.

What are you waiting for? Contact a State Licensed Life Insurance Broker today to get started.