Dave Ramsey thoughts on Term Life Insurance

Hello, have you recently heard Dave Ramsey mentioned term life insurance? Well, I’m Chad McMahon from “protect with Insurance,” I’m here to answer your questions.

Dave Ramsey is a firm believer in life insurance, he believes that having a good term and really whole life but term life insurance policy is a key component in your financial portfolio, it is an economical way to protect your family and of course, when I’m talking about a financial portfolio, it’s when you have spouses, but he feels it’s a key component to protecting your family as well.

It is the most economical way to provide a nest egg either to pay off your mortgage, to take care of that loss of income, to pay down bills, to have an essay for investing anything like that, Dave Ramsey’s a firm believer in that, and so I encourage you to look it up to Google it; he is also a firm believer in annuities like I mentioned, whole life as well as mortgage protection which again is just a form of term life insurance but any of those things and so I encourage you to click the button below and I’ll be happy to provide a free consultation to answer your questions, I’m here for you, this is Chad with protect with insurance signing out.

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