Do you want an Arizona Life Insurance Quote?

Do you want an Arizona Life Insurance Quote?

Well, good news. It’s easier  NOW more than ever to instantly get a quote for FREE. The fastest way to get a quote is straight from our website at We also have free quote forms throughout the website. If you casually browse our pages, you will find them. Simply navigate the clickable buttons at the top of the website, such as “Services”.

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Using The Free Life Insurance Quote Form

To quickly and easily get your quote, fill out the free quote form. Fill in your information. Click submit and get a free life insurance quote.  Using this method, you can skip spending tedious hours (meeting with agents) and you can get directly to your price options. Free yourself! Try it now!

This life insurance quote form is going to automatically shop all the carriers that provide life insurance for Arizona residents.  Most people want a whole life insurance quote, such as burial insurance for seniors. You’ll find most of the quote forms are for that type of life insurance policy.

But, if you want term insurance quoting, such as traditional term, mortgage protection or return of premium term life insurance, go to the (again) the “Services” tab.

IF you are interested in a type of term life insurance, please reach out to us, to verify your quote. Term quotes are easy to get wrong. This is because you simply do not know what health rating you should get. Your health rating will drastically change your term pricing. Also, term health ratings over standard, become a fully underwritten life insurance policy.

What is Fully Underwritten Life Insurance?

A fully underwritten policy means your life insurance is going to be more closely scrutinized. There are a couple of added layers of analysis. One layer you will be acutely aware of is the paramedical or paramed exam.



A paramedic is someone who comes to your home when it is convenient for you, to draw your blood, get a urine sample, check your height and weight, and ask you a bunch of questions. Usually, the process takes 30 minutes. If you are not afraid of needles and you are extremely healthy, this is the recommended route. Your price can drop by 40-70%, depending on your age and the life insurance coverage you desire.

What IS considered Healthy?

To qualify for most term policies, even if it is NOT fully underwritten, you should have three or fewer minor prescription medicines. Blood pressure, mild anxiety and thyroid conditions are all okay. You need to be mildly close to an ideal height/weight build (with some exceptions) and only have 2 or fewer minor medical conditions. Diabetes and pre-diabetes are fine, for example, as long as you are not taking insulin. Metformin is A-Okay.

Pretty young woman’s feet with blue toenails stepping on an old fashioned black an white scale with round dial isolated on white

However, to qualify for a fully underwritten term policy, you need to be healthier than you do for the traditional term policy. You must have only one or fewer minor prescription medicines, no red flags in your recent (within 15 years) medical history. Your blood pressure and cholesterol, heart and other organs need to be within healthy levels.

This part is a sliding scale. If you have NO active prescriptions meds, nearly ideal build, no medical conditions, a clean medical history and your paramed blood draw and urine sample reveal NO problems, you should be able to get Preferred Plus (also sometimes called SuperPreferred). If you are taking 1-2 mild prescription medicines at a low dose, have 1 or fewer minor medical conditions, a moderately ideal build and fairly clean medical history, you should be able to qualify for Standard Plus or Preferred.

One more note about fully underwritten policies is that if you want over $249,000 in coverage, you most likely will need a fully underwritten policy to achieve this. Otherwise, you can select Simple Issue life insurance.

What is Simple Issue Life Insurance?

Simple Issue just means any Arizona life insurance that is NOT fully underwritten. Here are some of the hurdles you must go through to get approved for simple insurance:

  1. Apply for insurance
  2. Underwriter review
  3. MIB (Medical Information Bureau) review
  4. *Possible* APS (Attending physician order and review)
  5. *Possible* phone interview with the life insurance rep
  6. Approval or decline

Today simple issue life insurance policies will be approved as soon as your agent clicks the final “Submit” button. Your agent can tell you the good news, and you can sleep well, knowing everything is squared away.

What If You Get a Red Flag?

However, for life insurance companies that do not use automated underwriting, or in cases when something within your MIB triggers a “red flag”, the application will be manually reviewed, adding 1-14 days to the review time, and increasing the odds of a phone interview or APS. If an APS is ordered, add 1-4 weeks on to the review time. Fortunately, this step is not common.

Simple Issue Insurance is Easy and Quick to Get

Simple issue whole life insurance typically approves very quickly. Simple issue term life insurance policies commonly take 1-2 weeks for approval, which some companies expedite and get policies approved within 1-2 business days.

Ninety-five percent of our  Protect with Insurance applicants  Get Approved!

Whether you select a simple issue or fully underwritten policy, there is no guarantee that you’re going to be approved. Ninety-five of our applications get approved. However, 5% of them need a second application to be submitted. It all depends upon your health. This is why we have one of our agents follow up with you. We make sure that you don’t have any questions or need anything else. We’ll double-check your health with a few quick questions. This usually takes two minutes on the phone and then we can confirm that the selected policy is a good fit, based on that company’s requirements.

Finally, we submit the application and get you approved.
If you’re just looking for information, that’s fine, too. If you would like information, now or just want more help with your quote, call us directly at  928-323-0933 We’d be happy to help you over the phone or even meet with you in person if you like.

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