FULL Coverage A-Rated Whole Life Insurance With Living Benefits for Less Than $2 Per Day

Whole Life insurance forces that 60 cents a day


Prices Are Rising for Life Insurance

Everything is getting so expensive and it’s hard enough making ends meet during these times, never mind affording a good life insurance policy. Insurance rates keep going up and there is so much uncertainty about the future. That’s why it’s important to act NOW to protect yourself and loved ones with life insurance.

For less than $2 a day it is possible to purchase a permanent-whole life insurance policy with living benefits that will benefit your family before and after your death.

That’s less than $60 a month you would pay for the peace of mind knowing that your family is covered should anything happen to you. It’s very hard to put a price tag on this kind of security; however, just knowing your family will be taken care of if you die is in itself a great relief for so many during these days of uncertainty.

The Advantages of a Permanent Whole Life Insurance Policy

The Advantages of a Permanent Whole Life Insurance PolicyThere are numerous advantages in purchasing this type insurance:

• Permanent Whole Life Insurance never expires.

• You are covered until death.

• They do not require a medical exam.

• They accrue in value over time.

Whole life insurance is considered by most people to be the best kind of life insurance you can get. We at Protect With Insurance find that this type of policy is a favorite with our clients. The reason is that it covers so much. You never have to worry that it will expire. There is no medical exam required. As long as you continue to pay your premiums and are up to date at the time you expire, payment of the policy is guaranteed. Further, the value of your policy continues to increase over time. How can you beat that? It’s a win-win situation for you and your family.

Whole Life Insurance Living Benefits

Another advantage of permanent whole life insurance is that the policy can include whole life benefits for the insured while still alive.

Whole Life Insurance Living BenefitsWhole life living benefits include discounts for:

• Prescription Drugs

• Dental Visits

• Eyeglasses

• Hearing Aides

• Hearing Aid Batteries

• Legal Fees

A living benefit includes the ability to collect anywhere between 24 percent to 100 percent of the premium you have paid up until that point, should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness that requires access to the money right away. It can be built right in as a benefit to your policy. This is a wonderful plan because you can benefit from it while you are still alive.

This type of policy provides benefits for you, as noted above, that include discounts on prescription drugs that are getting more and more expensive as pharmaceuticals work on developing more new drugs everyday. This benefit is especially important in helping pay for medications that continue to increase in price.

You need to go to a dentist? The policy will help you get a discount on the costs of dental care. Further, it provides discounts for eyeglasses, hearing aides and batteries. It can even help you with legal fees you might need in writing a will or forming a trust, etc..

You can understand why these are the best kind of insurance policies you can get and why they are so popular.

Why You Want an A-Rated Life Insurance Company

This is very important when looking for an insurance company to cover you. You only want an A-rated life insurance company handling your account. These type companies get the best ratings from independent analysts and rating companies because of their track records. They are insulated against insolvency. They have been around a long time and pay out when they are expected toYou Want an A-Rated Life Insurance Company Covering You do so.

You most definitely want to avoid using a less than A minus-rated life insurance company because they not only limit your chances of getting a good solid life insurance policy that will pay off as promised but the service you would get is inferior to that which you would get using an A-Rated insurance company.

We at Protect With Insurance, as your broker, only deal with the top-A-rated life insurance companies in the market to ensure you et the best possible coverage and the best price.

We know who these A-Rated life insurance policies are and we have worked with them for years. Only the best is good enough for us and our clients.

Breaking it Down

Now, how much permanent whole life insurance coverage can you get for less than $2 a day if it includes living benefits? With an A-rated whole life insurance company, anywhere from $5,000 up to over $20,000, depending upon your age and your health. That’s less than $60 per month.

Do note. Some policies can cost $12 a month. Some could cost $60 a month or more. It depends upon your age, your health and how much coverage you want.

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