Whole life insurance coverage with arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, anxiety, diabetes

Whole life Insurance with Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Depression, Anxiety and Diabetes

Health is a primary consideration when looking for coverage

Is it possible to get full coverage, whole life insurance if you suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety or diabetes? The answer is a resounding yes!

Our life insurance brokerage company Protect With Insurance prides itself on getting the best life insurance coverage available for our clients, regardless of gender, age or health status.

We focus on getting you the highest rated life insurance policies on the market. We also make sure that 99.9 percent of the the policies we write for our clients are not only the best policies out there, but also include living benefits built into the policies that provide discounts for hearing aids, dental work, vision, eyeglasses and other living costs.

It doesn’t have to just be the death benefit that goes to your loved ones, which of course is the most important part of life insurance for most people. Living benefits can actually benefit you and even save you money while you’re still alive.

Depending upon your health your whole life insurance coverage can range from a policy that pays out $5,000 to a policy as high as $40,000.

If you are in perfect health, which is determined by zero prescription medicines, no medical conditions, nearly ideal height and weight build, then you can look at larger whole life insurance options. Life insurance companies may require a medical exam for higher ones but those life insurance pay outs could be hundreds of thousand of dollars. Even millions of dollars.  Further, the pricing on those are just exceptional. Again, it’s vital you are in perfect health. If so, tell us right away and we can pull that for you because the prices cannot be beat for these policies.

Affordable Whole Life Insurance Policies

There are no medical exams for a five to forty thousand dollar insurance policy because we’re not talking about those big jumbo

Together, we age, security and well being are vital.

whole life insurance policies that pay out in the hundreds of thousands.There’s no waiting period either. These are called immediate issue, whole life insurance policies.

Once the price and the coverage amount are agreed upon and settled, the death benefit amount and premium are locked in for life.

If you maintain your premium payments you don’t have to worry about your whole life insurance policy expiring. The price is never going to increase. The coverage is never going to decrease. These are locked in and with an A-Rated life insurance company. There is no gamble at the end of life whether the full amount will or will not be paid.

Also, whole life insurance policies build in cash value over time. These are also known as permanent life insurance policies because they’re permanently locked in. You don’t have to worry about things fluctuating, dropping or anything like that. These type policies are solid and secure.

Whole Life Insurance and Arthritis

 Doctors are using technology for better medications.

Coverage amount and price depends on how extreme your arthritis condition is. It can range anywhere from mild to very serious. If you are not in the extreme category you should be able to get a whole life insurance policy without a problem.

Even if you have rheumatoid arthritis, We fit our clients with whole life insurance policies 99 percent of the time. That’s a very high approval percentage. If you are in the severe category this should come as good news to you because it means you stand a chance of being insure after every body else has rejected you.

Now let’s get into specifics. As far as arthritis goes, let’s talk about severe rheumatoid arthritis. So I’m going to try and go on the extremes here just because. if you are not at the extreme than you, you’ll know that you’ll be fine, but you, if you are at the extreme, then this should be helpful for you.

Whole Life Insurance and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects chance of getting an insurance policy

High blood pressure is a very common ailment. People who are on blood pressure, medicines, related prescription medicines can qualify as long as they are not on any more prescribed medications than four and sometimes even five, can be approved. Life insurance companies don’t consider over the counter medicines in determine whether to approve or not.

We would need to know exactly the prescribed blood pressure medications you are on so we can pair you with the best possible options.

As noted above, if you are taking zero to four blood pressure  prescription medicines, with few or moderate complications, Protect With Insurance has a 98% approval rating with A-Rated life insurance companies.

If you have congestive heart failure, which which can cause complications with with the blood pressure meds,  chances are you won’t qualify for whole life insurance with living benefits. Angina is acceptable but with congestive heart failure, you’re not going to have living benefits locked in.

Whole Life Insurance and Cholesterol

You can be taking zero to three cholesterol medicines and still be approved. Because high cholesterol increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke it is a health issue that life insurance companies consider. Still, Protect With insurance has a 99 percent approval track record because we only work with the best life insurance companies out there.

Whole Life Insurance and Depression, Anxiety, Psychological Issues

Depression and anxiety are very common medical conditions today. People are suffering from all kinds mental problems and are on Whole Life Insurance and Depression, Anxiety, Psychological Issuesmedications that can hopefully help them.

We’re seeing a lot of cases of people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This condition is becoming more common every day as more and more doctors are rendering the diagnosis.

However, Protect With Insurance has a 95 to 99 percent whole life insurance policy approval rate for those suffering with mental disease.

Diabetes Affects Premiums and Prices

There can be quite a few things to consider with diabetes when looking for a whole life insurance policy.

If you’re taking pills only, that means insulin, no injections, we usually get a 99% approval rate.

If you have diabetes and are taking insulin by injection our approval rate for whole life insurance goes down to 95 percent.

This will depend largely upon other conditions and other prescription medicines that are prescribed in tandem with your Metformin and whatever else you might be taking for diabetes.

It’s kind of a combo deal. Life insurance companies use an automated approval process and automated decline process. With a lot of these, there’s no appeal if you get declined.

Whole Life Insurance and Diabetes

Most declines get triggered by the type and amount of prescription medicines you are taking for your condition.

It’s important for Protect With Insurance to pair you up with the best possible insurance provider that grants you an approval at an awesome price with an A-Rated company that has living benefits built in. That’s why we have to know every detail of your health so we can go in as prepared as we can be to get you that policy

If you have diabetes with complications such as neuropathy, we still have a 90% approval rate.

If you have diabetes and you’ve ever had amputation, unfortunately that falls within something that we cannot do as far as getting you an A rated whole life insurance policy with living benefits. There are other life insurance policy types we can still get for you with more coverage and better pricing than any other brokers out there

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy

If you are ages 50 through 80 and you have severe health issues like diabetes and heart problems that has disqualified you for life insurance, let us know because we have access to one of the absolute lowest price guaranteed issue life insurance providers in the country.

They don’t ask a single health related questions and their pricing is amazing. The only downside is that they have a reduced payout if you pass away within two years from starting your policy.  That’s how guaranteed issue life insurance works. They require a waiting period.

However, if you make make it past the two-year waiting period and you should die shortly afterwards, the pay out is 100 percent of the agreed coverage.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy.

If you do have severe issues, health issues, then guaranteed life insurance might be the best way for you to go. The company we work with is untouchable with their pricing.

No Stone Un-turned Working for You

Protect With Insurance leaves no stone unturned when looking for the best life insurance policy available anywhere, for you. We specialize in all types of life insurance, especially whole life insurance with living benefits. Our goal and mission is to place you with an A-Rated life insurance company that will provide for you maximum coverage for the best price possible.

Simply tell us all about yourself, your medical condition, the prescriptions you are on and we will scour every A-Rated life insurance company until we find the perfect match for you. We will place you with a company you can count on being there when it’s time for them to pay out your policy to those you have left behind.

We hope this has been helpful to you. Please reach out to us by sending an email to Protectwithinsurance.com/schedule or us@helloatprotectwithinsurance.com.  You can also give us a call at (928) 323-0933 or start a live chat.