FULL Final Expense Life Insurance for Seniors for $2 per day


FULL Final expense life insurance for seniors for $2 per day

Yes. It is possible to have full-final expense life insurance for seniors for $2 per day. let us show you how.

Final expense is whole life insurance ideal for seniors. The reason why is because it’s a life insurance policy that never expires.

There’s no medical exam. The price is locked for life. And it builds cash value over time.  If you’re on the older side, accruing cash value over time is going to be less of a benefit. But if you’re in your fifties or sixties then that cash value could end up being helpful to you and your family.

Working With the Best Life Insurance Companies for Full Final Expense Life Insurance

Working With the Best Life Insurance Companies for Full Final Expense Life InsuranceOur company, Protect With Insurance, only works with A-Rated life insurance companies.  That is the rating that you want for your life insurance company.

We run across a lot of clients who have B-rated or C-rated life insurance companies.  It’s part of the educational process to look at your company to determine your life insurance company’s rating.

Google their rating to see if it has a B or C rated company or worse.  What that means is that they’re with a life insurance company that’s not financially solvent and that there are some other issues as well. These could be major issues where you are paying more in premiums and getting less coverage than you could if you were with an A-Rated life insurance company. The possibility that the inferior companies might not pay at all at the end of life can be another possibility.

As long as you qualify for immediate life insurance coverage, then all of our policies for Protect With Insurance could have living benefits as well. And that is surprisingly important. It’s really sad, but,we hear from our clients after we’ve set them up with a life insurance policy,  they get diagnosed with a terminal condition or a chronic or critical condition. Fortunately, they can at that point withdraw what they have paid in to pay for those associated costs of their diagnosed terminal condition.

Full Final Expense Life Insurance Living Benefits

There are a lot of different diagnoses that fall within these categories. And if you have policies like ours, you get these conditions and you send a doctor’s letter into yourFull Final Expense Life Insurance Living Benefits insurance company and they send you your policy amount. That’s called a living benefit. There are also companies that give you huge discounts on prescription medicines, dental, eye glasses, hearing aids, batteries and even lawyer fees.

Those are all called living benefits and they’re very important and it doesn’t have to just be a life insurance policy with just a death benefit. These are surprisingly common, especially if you’re looking at A-Rated companies.

A-Rated life insurance companies are exceptional companies that offer phenomenal rates.  They have tremendous customer service and they’re reliable.  They have strong reviews and they have these living benefits built right into your policy. That’s part of the reason why they’re so good.

Full Final Expense Life insurance for Under $60 a Month

Full Final Expense Life insurance for Under $60 a MonthSo what kind of full final expense life insurance policy can we get for $2 a day?  How much coverage can we get?

We get contacted often where people are in their seventies and they say they want $40,000 whole life insurance coverage.

Understand the pricing is not up to us. The pricing is set by the life insurance companies we work with. When we say $2 per day for a final expense policy, we’re talking about what people typically want in their life insurance policy. Most people want to be cremated. Not buried. Cremations a lot cheaper.

So if you’re in your seventies or in your eighties, you’re going to be looking at a $5,000 to $10,000 policy if you need to stay at that $2 per day figure. However. if you are younger, you can look up to over $20,000. It depends upon your health. It depends upon your age. It depends upon your gender.

The reason gender is a consideration in most states, there is a difference in price between men and women. Women statistically live longer than men. So men are charged more but not in all states. It depends on your state but in most cases, that is the case. Be aware of that.  Reach out to us and get a specific quote.

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