Get A-Rated Life Insurance with Cancer, Chronic or Terminal Health Conditions


Getting A-rated Life Insurance with Cancer, Chronic or Terminal Medical and Health Conditions


Protect With Insurance has been getting a lot of calls over the last four months from people that have been declined by less than A-Rated life insurance carriers. They are being declined because they have health issues that are Getting A-rated Life Insurance with Cancer, Chronic or Terminal Medical and Health Conditionsconsidered terminal conditions; chronic conditions, cancer or other serious medical conditions.

If not declined, they’re offered an extremely expensive life insurance policy. It  doesn’t make sense going with life insurance companies that charge you so much no one can afford it. They are frustrated at this point having invested tremendous amount of energy and time, only to be denied and disheartened.

Hope of purchasing an equitable life insurance policy for those suffering from serious medical conditions, is not lost.

This is when they should turn Protect With Insurance because not only can we get them approved for an affordable life insurance policy, we can put them into a higher health category that gets them a lower price and better coverage with an A-rated life insurance company.

Working With A-Rated Life Insurance Companies

The reason we were able to do this and get better prices is because we have access to a long list of some of the highest rated life insuranceWorking With A-Rated Life Insurance Companies
carriers in the country. These companies are not only the best by ratings but they lead the pack, offering the best coverage possible at the best price. They also are more likely to approve a chronically ill client.

Because they’re able to put you into a higher health category, they can bring the price down for you. This is very important.

Life insurance companies that are rated lower, if they approve you, might put you into a graded policy when you should have been approved for standard life insurance policy. Or, they might put you into a standard policy when you should have been given a preferred health rating. This means you would be paying more for your life insurance policy than you would if you were covered by an A-Rated one.

You are being negatively impacted because you haven’t talked to the right agency that can pair you up with the best possible life insurance options.

We Deliver the Best Insurance Policies for Those With Chronic or Terminal Conditions

We listen to what your needs are. We ask a lot of questions initially. We do it quickly. We do this because we want to have all the information we need to put you into that highest health category possible.

That is our goal. We save you money for the rest of your life by putting you in an affordable policy that’s going to protect you and of course your loved ones. Because we work with only the best, most established reputable life insurance companies with solid histories of financial solvency, you can be sure those you leave behind will receive the full life insurance pay-out when the time comes.

Preferred Health Ratings Are Our First Goal

Preferred Health Ratings Are Our First GoalFirst of all, our goal is to be able to get you a preferred health rating. The reason is a preferred health rating makes it possible to get the best coverage for the lowest price. Above average health ratings drops your price way down.

There are a number of serious medical conditions that couldnegate a preferred health rating.

These conditions include: severe rheumatoid arthritis, angina, irregular heart beat, diabetes with neuropathy, diabetic complications and serious heart problems. These conditions are considered chronic and would deny a preferred health rating

It is possible to get a preferred health rating if you had cancer. You need to be clear and in remission for at least two years.

We can get a preferred health rating if you’ve had a stroke. You would need to be at least a year out from when it happened.

These are considered major conditions by the life insurance companies. Our mission is to get you  into that preferred health rating.

A preferred health rating is the best. That’s what we want. That’s the highest health rating. If you’re incredibly healthy you get put into that preferred health rating.

Below are four types of life insurance policies available.

Preferred Health Rating




We will work on getting the best possible coverage and prices allowed for individuals suffering from serious medical conditions.

If we can’t get you a preferred health rating then we will work with what to have to get you a standard life insurance policy, a graded life insurance policy or a guaranteed life insurance policy.

A preferred health rating policy is at the top, followed by a standard life insurance policy, a graded life insurance policy and a guaranteed life insurance policy.

Each of these policies have different levels of coverage, different prices and different age and medical requirements.

It’s just an issue of cost for what you get.

With preferred health ratings or standard one can also qualify for living benefits, which you can enjoy while you are still alive.

Standard, Graded and Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies

Here are some more severe conditions that we can get into a graded category, which is still really important because your price point is Standard, Graded and Guaranteed Life Insurance Policiesgoing to be better than the guaranteed issue. Also, if something happens within the first two years of having your policy, then your loved ones will receive a larger payout with graded.

So graded it’s going to be if you have Parkinson’s, if you’ve had a stroke within the last year or a Transient Ischemic Attack which are mini strokes, kidney disease or COPD, which is becoming a fairly common medical condition.

COPD is considered a chronic medical issue, and it’s common with smokers. COPd is something that really will hit you hard when you go out and you try and get life insurance.

We have access to some programs that can give you a graded life insurance policy, which is actually excellent for COPD.

For anything that is more severe than these, or let’s say cancers within the last two years and it’s current, things like that, then guaranteed issue life insurance is going to be your best way to go.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Options

We have access to one of the absolute lowest cost guaranteed issue life insurance options in the country for ages 50 through 80. Gender, smoker, or nonsmoker, heightened weight, doesn’t matter because it’s a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. It just costs a little bit more, which is understandable. A guaranteed issue life insurance policy means the life insurance companies guarantee they’re going to approve you. If your age is 50 to 80 it’s the same locked price for life.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance OptionsThat price will never go up from whatever price you set with the life insurance company. Obviously as you get older, the cost is is going to increase initially. If your 73 it’s going to cost you more for your life insurance policy than someone  who is 62 years old. Age matters.

Once you submit your application for a guaranteed life insurance policy and a price is agreed upon, the price is locked in for life. It’ll never go up from that point.

With graded policies and with guaranteed issue life insurance policies, there’s a two year waiting period. What that means is with a graded or guaranteed issue life insurance policy, if you were to pass away within your first year of starting the policy, then your loved ones get 30% of the policy amount.

If it happens in within year two from when you start the policy, your loved ones receive 70% of the policy and once you hit the beginning of year three, it’s a hundred percent payout forever with guaranteed issue life insurance.

The way it works is if you pass away within the first two years of starting the policy, your beneficiaries receive what you’ve paid the life insurance company plus 10%. It’s not very much, but at least it’s something. Once you pass the two year time frame it’s a hundred percent pay up. You just have to get past that to your waiting period. It becomes a one hundred percent full and normal life insurance policy. These are all whole life, A-Rated, full-coverage life insurance policies we are talking about..

These policies cover medical or non-medical deaths. They cover most anything but intentionally self-inflicted suicide. They are whole life life insurance companies. They’re great policies.

Protect With Insurance is dedicated to finding you the best possible life insurance coverage and for the lowest price possible. Once we have all the information we need from you we will go out and shop every A-rated life insurance provider in the business and find the perfect life insurance company for you that will approve you regardless of your current health condition.

There is no need to be fearful that you will get rejected by an insurance company because of your health because we know how to get around that and still get you the best deal possible. We work with the top life insurance companies in the world and we have a plethora of different life insurance companies to work with that will fit your needs and budget.

Please reach out to us at or even better, give us a call at (928) 323-0933 or start a live chat. We’d love to help you.