How Affordable is Your Life Insurance Policy

affordable Life Insurance for you

Finding an affordable life insurance policy for your income isn’t always an easy task.  Many times you may want a particular policy but in the long run, you realize that your budget can’t handle the premiums. A good agent will ask you some serious financial questions along with your health status to determine the best policy for you and your budget.

Today, the average cost of life insurance can run up to $120 per month for a Standard 20-year Term policy. Your premiums are based on your health, which entails your age, weight, whether you smoke, your occupation and even your family’s health history. Once your agent has explored your health and lifestyle in detail, they will be better equipped to match you up with the best, possible affordable policy.

Perhaps you’ve been eyeing a particular insurance plan but once your agent educates you, you may realize it is not in your budget. On the flip side, you may discover that the policy you thought was doable turns out to be lacking in the type of coverage you need.

So make sure that your agent understands your financial situation before you go on and finalize any insurance plan. Your current financial condition and how much you can really afford should be part of the conversation before you decide on the most affordable Life Insurance possible.

Owning Life Insurance is one of the best ways to protect our loved ones. That is why you need affordable life insurance.

That is why a recent study showed that over 82% of Americans agree that they absolutely NEED life insurance. However, only 50% of Americans actually have life insurance.

Ironic as is it sounds, it is because – life happens. Many of us believe that “we aren’t going to die anytime soon”. And while we would all love for that to be true it simply isn’t reality. We are all going to die someday, and we don’t know when. Some of us have already had a near death experience or know someone that passed away, far too soon and unexpectedly.

The worse possible outcome is when parents have kids or other dependants and no life insurance protection. Too many times we have seen a spouse pass away and the family loses their home and other financial security, in addition to mourning, which seems to make decision making impossible, for even the most strong-minded.

Many of our clients are seniors living on a fixed income. They often say, they cannot afford life insurance and our response is always the same – you can’t afford NOT to have life insurance in Arizona. With life insurance, you leverage the insurance companies to pay these tedious expenses for you. If you cannot budget $50 per month for life insurance now, imagine what it will be like when something happens. With medical costs, funeral costs and the mortgage payments it would be financially and emotionally devastating, to be uninsured.

Don’t put this burden on your spouse and family. Get your affordable life insurance today!

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