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Arizona whole life insurance, it’s going to be any kind of big whole life insurance policy in the state of Arizona. Typically it’s also known as final expense.

It’s a life insurance policy, obviously, but it’s not to be confused with, let’s say a term. Life insurance policy or an accidental life insurance policy. A whole life insurance is typically going to be for my clients that are over the age of about 65 or 70, especially past, you know, 65 is a safe bet though.

At 65 to 85 is the window. now, even before the age of 65, you’re going to see plenty of whole life insurance policies as well. And in the state of Arizona, it’s real common. to see whole life all the way down to, well children’s whole life. And so that starts at age one, you know? Oh, it goes up from there, one to 17 for children’s whole life. there are life insurance companies in the state of Arizona that have, policies that are whole life policies that go 18 to about 45 or 55. And then, you start to see a real spike, real increase in the whole life insurance policies in the state of Arizona.

Once you hit about 55, 65, from there, it goes up. Now, the reason why whole life insurance is so popular from ages, especially about 65 plus, is that our health does decline as we get older. Most people I sit with, they do not qualify for term life insurance. Once they’re past about 60, 65, their health just isn’t, isn’t going to qualify them for it, maybe too many prescription medicines. Maybe they have one or more medical diagnoses that are going to disqualify them. You get them a decline on an insurance policy. but that being said, the, whole life insurance policies, they are much more flexible with approving. You for policies. So if your health is poor or maybe mediocre or something like that, then there’s a very good chance you can get a whole life insurance policy.

Now, that being said, there’s a guarantee that you can guarantee, guarantee life insurance policy if you are between the ages of 55 and 80. So even if you have current cancer, congestive heart failure. Severe bronchitis, I mean, chronic, you know, severe COPD. maybe you have, complications from diabetes such as a neuropathy or some other complication like that, a circulatory issue, kidney disease, liver, lung issues, things like that, all the severe congestive heart failure, you know, or any congestive heart failure. But CHF is a pretty serious thing. So any of these things that you can get a guaranteed issue, life insurance policy, the deal with guaranteed as they make you wait two years for full coverage. And then it’s a normal whole life policy, just like all the others said.

Great way to go if you have some health issues going on. What I encourage most of my clients to do, if you’re on board with that, is you start with a guaranteed issue policy and then have your agent just check back with you, about once every six to 12 months. And see if you can get moved from a guaranteed issue into another policy that starts right away.

So you cut that delay down. But worst case scenario is you can’t change it over, to something that’s not guarantee. And two years go by and you’ve got your whole life policy and it’s all set. So it’s a great way to go. So if you have other specific questions about Arizona whole life insurance. sure.

Hope that you call me. reach out to me. Send me a text, an email. I’ll be happy to help you. Take care.


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