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I’m Chad McMahan with protect with insurance, and I’m going to do my best to help you. This is a tough topic, though, because getting a life insurance quote if it’s true life insurance and if it’s not guaranteed, the issue is that it’s going to require a conversation with somebody, it’s not by sending something in the mail to me so that I can decide on if I want the kind of thing.

You can get a rough price range, but that price range might be $20 per month to $1,000 per month, depending upon your health and your age, all of these kind of things their risk category that you are to the life insurance company and your age and if you’re male or female and if you’re smoker or nonsmoker.

All of these things greatly impact this, now you can have a conversation with an agent over the phone, and you can nail things down, and you can get a sense of your price. You can get a price to the penny but a lot of agents, myself included, don’t like to do this over the phone because it comes with a greater risk factor of getting it wrong, and so there are quite a few agents out there that will require a face-to-face meeting. They don’t do this to be mean or spiteful, or anything like that, they do this to be accurate, they want to make sure that they’re as accurate as possible. That being said, I am willing to do this over the phone with agents, I just don’t like to do that because I want it to be as accurate as possible for my clients.

So a life insurance quote, any company that sends you material, that shows you exactly what the price is based on your age, there are one of a few things that are going on, either it’s going to be a guaranteed issue term. If you’re looking at companies like AARP sending you paperwork or it’s going to be an accidental policy, and you can do better than those. What you want is that you want the companies that will ask you health questions, and if you have health problems, they’ll still give you what’s called a preferred health rating, that’s what you want and the reason why you want that is because it’s a policy that’s going to start right away, no waiting period of two or three years and the price should be better, in fact, a lot of times, it’s going to have living benefits and things like that built into it and a better, so it’s worthwhile to take 15 minutes and sit down with an agent that has great access to a lot of companies and can help you out, that can get you not only just a life insurance quote but get you a better life insurance quote, better price, better features, better product, and better company; higher-rated company. So I hope that’s helpful, click the button below.

If I can help you with anything, please let me know, free consultation, questions over the phone, or meet face to face, anything I can do for you. Alright take care and good luck out there


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