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Hello! This is Chad McMahon with ‘Protect with Insurance’ in Northern Arizona. I am here to help you out with life insurance. I’ve had many clients who have raised the same concerns about life insurance that I wanted to briefly cover in a video.

Most of my clients ask, ‘What are you locked into with a life insurance policy?’

A lot of times, clients are concerned about making the first payment. They usually submit an application out of concern of what’s to come after that.

The deal is that as long as you continue to make payments, life insurance continues to be on the hook for the coverage mountain. And, that is the end of the relationship. So, I just wanted to clarify that when you continue to make your payments on time, the life insurance company continues to be responsible and liable for your coverage amount. That being said, if you discontinue your policy at any time, they just continue being responsible for the coverage that you have paid for. That’s all for today!

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This is McMahon from ‘Protect with Insurance’. Take care!

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