Life Insurance Advanced Guide to Save Money and Get the Best Policy


If you are looking for life insurance please use our advanced guide to find it.

Life Insurance Advanced Guide Easy Way

This blog is an advanced guide to saving money and getting the best policy life insurance policy for you. You will learn about the easy way and the hard way to save a ton of money and get the best possible life insurance policy that you can.

First of all, the easy way is to take all the pressure and effort off of you and get you answers quickly, to open up your day to do whatever you want to do. The easy way is you simply work withUsing an agent is the best way to find the best life insurance policy for you. the absolute best possible independent life insurance agency that you can.

Though we consider ourselves one of the best life insurance brokerage agencies out there, it doesn’t have to be us by the way. We mean that sincerely. As long as you work with a independent brokerage firm agency that has strong reviews, that are  established, that have been doing this a long time and most importantly, that they only work with A-Rated life insurance companies; that they pull from just those highly-rated companies to get you the best possible pricing, you are doing it the easy way.

As long as they do that, you’ve got a 99% chance of getting the lowest price you can with solid life insurance companies, companies that are not going to go bankrupt, companies that pay the beneficiaries when the time is right to do that. That’s the easy way and their network is what you’re leaning on and benefit from.

You want to utilize their network rather than try dealing directly with a life insurance company. The reason is if you go to the actual life insurance company that provides the policies, they will assign you a captive agent. That’s not really what you want unless you want to do it the hard way, meaning that you go to the different life insurance companies out there that you have heard about and pick one to work with directly.

Life Insurance Advanced Guide Hard Way

Trying to find the best life insurance policy by yourself can make a lot of work.

Let’s say you want to work with Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, American Amicable, America, or Gerber or whatever the company that has caught your attention and interest. You have heard something good about them. You call them up and they will assign you a captive agent, an agent that is within their individual network and doesn’t have access to these other companies.  This agent is going to sell you only what the company they work for offers. They will not shop around for you to get the best life insurance coverage possible for the best price.

So, you get to work trying to find the best life insurance company for you to work with, on your own. You’re going to work hard to find the best deal for you.  You do your research and call to get a quote from each company you deal with. You talk to them, you tell them you will call them back then you call up the other life insurance companies and you do the same thing. You will need to call at least ten different companies to ensure you are getting the best coverage for you. You are doing the shopping yourself and spending quite a bit of time doing so.

If you do this on your own, this is sincerely the only way to get the best, the best price. It takes a lot of work and this is the hard way of finding the best life insurance policy for your needs.

Or again, you can do it the easy way by simply contracting with an established and highly rated life insurance broker agency that will go out there and do all the heavy lifting and get it for you, that’s not going to waste your time, that’s going to take care of you and have them do that shopping for you.

And if they are organized, like protect With Life Insurance is, then they should be able to get you answers within five to 10 minutes tops on the phone because they, like us, only work with the best life insurance companies out there and know just how to get you exactly what you want in the shortest time possible. That’s the easy way.

Finding Best Life Insurance Coverage on Your Own

But if you are doing it on your own  you can always ask the life insurance company you are considering for a list a list of all the prices that they are running for you. You can verify that they’re truly doing and that they’re actually working hard for you and you can do this with the five or 10 companies you are considering, things like that. That’s the hard way.  You go to independent insurance companies and they assign you a captive agent. The agent can only provide for you the policies their company offers. They each give you a quote and then whatever is the best price based on what you’re looking for is, after your research, then that’s what you go with.

But again, the easy way is to have a reputable life insurance brokerage agency do all of that for you.  It takes five to 10 minutes instead of hours and tons of research.

In terms of what is the best policy, it depends upon two things: what are the living benefits of the policy for you while you are still alive and what are the benefits for your beneficiaries after you are gone.

Life Insurance Advanced Guide Considerations

These are considerations that we, as your broker, take into account when looking for the best life insurance possible to meet your needs.

What are the goals of the policy? What are your goals? What are your loved ones goals? What’s important? Is it a little income replacement? Is it, financial gift to reduce the burden?  If you’re passing, is it to cover the mortgage?

Is it for, burial cremation, funeral service? Is for transporting your body to your final place of burial? It can be for a few or all of these things. The policy obviously needs to take care of satisfying the goal or excelling at that. And then the living benefits, maybe you don’t care about that in which case it’s just about shopping the lowest price.

But if you do care about that, you can actually save a lot of money while you’re alive. A life insurance policy doesn’t have to just be about your loved ones and your passing. It can actually save you money on, dental prescription medicines, eye wear and legal fees. There are policies that have these built-in programs or membership programs. It could be, living benefits that lock in protection for you while you are still alive.

If you get a critical terminal or chronic disability diagnosis. there are policies available where the life insurance company will actually send you money, while you’re alive. If you get any of these diagnoses, there are living benefits that protect your mortgage payments. Think how important this is should you become incapacitated. You don’t have to make your mortgage payments while alive if you have this type of life insurance coverage.

If you get certain diagnoses, where the life insurance company will pay them and it does not negatively impact your policy, there are policies that protect your premium payments, your monthly payments. If something surfaces, like you get a disability of some sort, they will pay their own premiums, meaning you don’t have to pay them anything back.

They pay themselves out of their own coffers and pay your premium if you’re in good standing.  They can do that up to a certain length of time. Some companies can do so for six months, 12 months, or even longer. They can do that if you suddenly suffer some sort of issue like that or you lose work because of a sever medical condition. That’s happening a lot right now because of the coronavirus.

What’s the Best Fit For You

So bear this in mind as you move forward. Ask your agent about that but just make sure you have a real, open and thorough conversation with your broker agent about what you want to accomplish. What’s most important to you? How much coverage do you really truly need? A good agent that’s worthy of your trust and considerate of your valuable time is going to look at your needs and what you can qualify for and they’re going to shop for you, leave no stone unturned in finding you the best policy possible to meet you needs and fit your budget..

It’s not for them, it’s for you. So they’re going to shop for you. They are going to work with the best A-Rated insurance companies out there to get you the best possible deal. They’re going to find a life insurance policy that’s the best possible fit. They will devote their time and be available to answer all your questions through the process. Unlike an agency working for an insurance company a broker knows where all the best deals are and which life insurance companies offer what you are looking for.  You can have a conversation about it and get it right, right from the beginning. One time. Get it done. Get you into a good program. And then you’ve got one person that you can always call and get all the information you need.

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