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Looking for life insurance quotes online. I’m Chad McMahan with protect with insurance. I’m your Arizona life insurance specialist, so life insurance quotes online. It’s a slippery slope and a tricky business. And here’s why. When you look online for life insurance quotes, either they’re going to be highly inaccurate or they’re going to be accurate, but guaranteed issue, meaning they’re going to disregard what’s going on with your health and they’re going to quote you something that’s safe.

Which means expensive. So if you’re just looking for something really rough, you know, give me a call, I’ll be happy to tell you within a minute on the phone and it’ll be a lot more accurate than you would find on one of these websites. but generally there are life insurance policies that are guaranteed issue.

You have to wait two or three years for those to even start. They don’t have the bells and whistles. They don’t have living benefits and are going to attend. They’re going to tend to cost more than the other options, so it’s not a good fit. The other thing. That can be quoted online are gonna be, an accidental or maybe an accidental and disability policy.

And those do not pay out for medical deaths. And they do not offer, generally do not offer living benefits aside from if it has a disability benefit built in, then obviously would offer that as a living benefit. if you can’t work anymore than it might pay that. and remember every state is.

Different. So the state of Arizona, for example, if you’re wanting Arizona life insurance information, you want to be looking at either a website that only deals with Arizona or you want to call an agent that knows their stuff for the state that you want. because all of the life insurance carriers that offer different products for every state as well.

So if you go to some website. That offers a general pricing across the board. And if it’s not asking what state you’re in, that it’s going to be highly inaccurate. and plus there are some States where certain carriers they don’t cover. And so it’s very, very important to hone in on that. If you are in Arizona, look at just the state of Arizona, find your life insurance information and you’ll be good to go.

but if you have other questions on, um. Life insurance quotes online or anything else I can do for you. Please either call me directly, click the button below, be happy to provide a free consultation for you, answering any questions that you have. All right, good luck out there. Stay safe.

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