Low Life Insurance Prices. How Are We Able to do What we do?

Low Life Insurance Prices: How Are We Able to do What we do?

Low Life Insurance Prices. How Are We Able to do What we do?How are we, Protect With Insurance, able to do what we do? Meaning how are we able to get the prices down so much lower than most of the competition? And how are we able to get your coverage so much higher for the same price?

Actually, nine out of 10 times we’re able to do this because as your agent we make sure you get the best coverage for the lowest possible price by working with the highest rated life insurance companies Arizona out there.

On the average, we’re able to save clients 23% on policy costs versus our competition. We’re able to save our clients money and it’s a substantial enough savings that our clients are not only willing to make the change but excited to go through the process of getting approved and put their policy in force.

We can replace inferior life insurance policies with policies that are vastly superior, with a lower price, better coverage and better terms, which is also very important.

We’re able to accomplish because we have access to more life insurance companies that are a A-Rated, that have better financial backing, service and track records, than any other life insurance agencies out there.

Hence, we get better coverage and lower pricing for what they offer because we work with the best life insurance companies.

Low Life Insurance Prices. How Are We Able to do What we do?

In most cases we’re able to get better and less expensive life insurance policies because of the access that we have to superior life insurance companies.

We’re able to give preferred health ratings to our clients, even if they have, health conditions, sometimes moderate or even severe health conditions. We’re even able to get them a preferred health rating and that drops that price way down.

The way to get the price down and stay within a policy is to work with an a A-Rated life insurance company, that offers policies that have living benefits that start immediately without delay and that require no medical exam. So, a preferred health rating is very, very important.

Protect With Insurance will bend over backwards and walk those extra miles for you so that we can get you that preferred health rating immediately.

Meeting Our Client’s Life Insurance Needs

This is a true story. We spent about three hours on the phone with a really nice couple in Iowa. They had a $10,000 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy which they hadMeeting Our Client's Insurance Needs gotten a few weeks before for the husband.

They were paying $84.74 a month for $10,000 in coverage through their current life insurance company.

Because we have all this access A-Rated life insurance companies, we were able to put him into a $15,000 immediate issue, life insurance policy with a double indemnity, accidental rider. That doubles the payout if death falls within the accidental category and  the costs was only $75.65.

Without exaggeration, it was incredibly important for this coverage. Peace of mind for him and for her knowing that one day, hopefully in the distant future, when something happens to her husband she’s going to be taken care of.

Preferred Health Rating & Life Insurance

Preferred Health RatingIf we’re able to do a preferred health rating, then you’re going to be in a much better situation and get a much lower price. We can match the price and get 50% more coverage, which is not uncommon for what we’re able to do. We shop a considerable number of these A-rated companies.

Another reason we’re able to do so well with the pricing is if you’re a smoker, you might be able to get a nonsmoker rate with a quit smoking program offered by some of the higher rated life insurance companies we work with. We have access to one of the best smoker quitting programs in the country.

There are very few of these programs remaining. Most providers that don’t offer them anymore.

Of the life insurance companies that offer these types of programs, we have access to some of the best ones in the country. If you’re a smoker, reach out to us right away. Don’t delay because there’s no guarantee this program is going to stay in place forever. At some point it might disappear, but while it’s here, you can get the benefits of it and it’s grandfathered in forever. So you want to take advantage of that.

Health Problems Affecting Life Insurance Types and Rates

If you have moderate or severe health problems, health issues especially severe medical diagnosis, using a wheelchair, breathing oxygen, congestive heart failure, using strong prescription medicines, we have access to one of the lowest priced, A-Rated guaranteed issue life insurance providers and policies in the country.Health Problems Affecting Insurance Types and Rates

The same thing can be said about graded life insurance. Here’s how it works.

You get preferred health rating as the best. Then standard and then below standard or a return of premium whole life insurance. You’ve got a graded whole life insurance and then you’ve got guaranteed whole life insurance. In consideration of your health, age and gender, you can go with guaranteed whole life insurance, which constitutes about a third of our policies.

People turn to guaranteed issue life insurance policies because the prices are excellent for what they are. Also, if they go anywhere else they’re going to get declined. So this is the way that people with severe health conditions get the lowest prices in the country. We have access to the lowest prices because again, we work with the best life insurance companies out there.

To us, life insurance agents and agencies, the high-rated life insurance companies pay the worst. They pay our agents the lowest amounts but they give that benefit to you, our clients. So they tend to be 20% less than the competition on the guaranteed issue policies and the graded issue life insurance option. We have access to one in particular that always beats out the competition.

Some of the life insurance companies we work with include some of the highest rated life insurance companies in the business. That is why Protect With Insurance is one of the best life insurance company brokers around. We make it a point to scour every highly rated life insurance company to find the best one that offers the kind off policy necessary to meet your life insurance needs.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our professionalism and our ability to set you up with a policy that will not only result in the highest payout and cheapest premiums, but provide a sense of security for you family as well when you pass.

Working With A-Rated Life Insurance Companies

Working With A-Rated Life Insurance CompaniesConsidering companies with high ratings is one of the most important first steps one must take when looking for life insurance coverage.

Life insurance companies are rated according to their financial solvency, duration of existence, financial strength, competitive pricing and customer service.

These companies can be rated as A, B or C rated life insurance companies.

Simply put, you don’t want to deal with any life insurance company that is anything less than A-rated. If you do you could end up with a policy that is way too expensive, does not pay out when they are supposed to, do not answer the phone when you call them and fails to answer your questions.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to connect with a lifer insurance company representative for hours while being kept waiting on the phone to talk with another person rather than a recording.

This will never happen with Protect With Life Insurance. We are here for you and always available to answer all your questions.

You want an A-rated life insurance company, preferably one that’s been around a long time, is not going anywhere, not going to go bankrupt, is well backed by investors and is financially solid. You want a company that has staying power, is a step above the competition and gives you excellent customer service.

Also, A-Rated companies offer the best and most comprehensive life insurance policy choices at the best price.

The more stable they are the better price and coverage they can give you.Working With A-Rated Life Insurance Companies

A great example of a solid A-rated life insurance company is Mutual of Omaha. They have been around a long time and are one of the highest rated life insurance companies in the country.

Then there is Gerber Life Insurance.  Gerber has phenomenal life insurance choices for seniors, for all adults and for children. They also have one of the best price guaranteed issue life insurance policies in the country.

Keeping The Prices Low

So if you have some severe medical conditions, we look at that first and consider whether a graded policy is best for you. We look at the guaranteed whole life insurance Keeping The Prices Lowpolicies and their great pricing as well. We find the perfect life insurance policy coverage for you and at the best rate.

We hope this has been helpful and explains a few things on how we work to get you the best prices anywhere with the best coverage available.

It’s not an uncommon story that we’re able to save people quite a bit of money or boost their coverage amount at the same price.

Please click on the link below to set up a meeting. We look forward to helping you find the best policy and price to meet your insurance needs.