Major Life Insurance Problems: When Agents “Sell You” Rather Than “Help You”

Inferior life insurance agents cause problems for life insurance

Life Insurance Problems

When agents sell you rather than help you it creates a big problem for you and for the life insurance industry itself. Not only is this a major problem but a common problem as well.

These type life insurance agents give the industry a bad name, writing insurance policies that pay them the best, instead of doing what’s best for the insured. It’s heartbreaking to hear about this from our clients when this has happened.

These agents don’t care about you. All that matters to them is the almighty dollar. They will sell you an inferior policy that provides inferior coverage and they sell you the policy at an inflated cost.

These agents also work with insurance companies that are poorly rated or might have only been in existence for a couple of months and have no history at all.

They set you up with policies that lack all the bells and whistles a highly rated life insurance company can provide. They may put you inn with a company that might go out of business  years before your policy expires and you are left in the dust with no recourse , no insurance and no coverage. This is a life insurance problem hat is more common than most people realize.

The desire to sell you rather than help you results in policies that are more expensive, policies that are lacking in living benefits that should be included free of charge.

Headaches for Your Loved Ones

It also creates headaches for your loved ones when you die. Once you’ve passed, your heirs need the money and it becomes a  total headache collecting from a sub-par, a sub-average life insurance company, maybe a company that’s B or C rated a when the policy should have been written with an A-rated company. This is just another example of life insurance problems associated with bad agents.

It can also result in taxation and having to go through probate court for your loved ones. This is terrible stuff. They shouldn’t be taxed on it if it’s structured right.  There should not be any probate. The insurance money should go instantly when you pass away to your beneficiaries. There should be no probate.

Think of how much pain and hassle it will cause your beneficiaries when they find out at the end of your life that the life insurance you thought you had in place to protect them, your home or cover your burial expenses, now has to go through probate court in order for them to get paid what was promised.

More Life Insurance Problems

Sometimes probate can take years to go through before the surviving family members see one penny of the life insurance payment. This is a terrible thing to happen to a family, as anyone who has gone through probate court can testify.

There are a couple of small exceptions sometimes when the insured wants things to be structured a certain way, but they need to understand that that’s what’s going to be happening unless precautions are taken. Your agent needs to see if there’s a better way to do it. And usually, it’s a free solution that could be handled right then and there when the policy is put together.

However, with an inferior agent that just wants to sell you rather than protect you you are at their mercy. hey could not care less for your future. They just want the money and they want it now.

These problems are all avoidable and ethical life insurance agents in Prescott should never do this. They should never try to sell you an inferior policy that results in having to pay taxes or having to go through probate court to collect the payment. It’s illegal and it’s very difficult to prove when they are doing this. but it’s common.  Not only do, many agents do this, but many agencies train their agents to do it.

We have seen it firsthand, heard it firsthand from agencies that do that. They do that because they all want to earn more money.

They will tell a client to choose a plan that may cost more and pay more but the fact is they only cost more. So you want to do this all the time. Cause it really adds up and this is something that’s common and so wrong. It shouldn’t happen. When we find out from our clients that they’ve experienced this with other agencies. We do document this. We notify the state insurance departments.

Every state has its own insurance department. We notify that state. We do business in most states within the country. So it’s important to know which state it is that it’s occurred in.

Avoiding Problems With Life Insurance

Work with agents that have WebsitesNow, how do we avoid this? How do you avoid this as the insured? You start by the first start by checking out the agency’s website.

You want to make sure they have a Website you can access and refer to.  You can go through all of these steps in five minutes. This is quick, this is easy, and you can protect yourself. No one else is going to protect you, but you and only takes five minutes to go through their website. If the agent does not have a Website then don’t bother and go find another one.

Go check it out. if it looks fairly polished and professional, that’s a good sign. Now you should be able to quickly and easily find lots of testimonials on their website. And the reason for this is if they’ve received positive feedback, they want you to know about it. It’s basically free marketing right there.

You’re going to know if they have positive feedbacks, it’s going to be all over their homepage. It’s something that the best agencies are going to be really proud of. They’re going to put it right on their homepage. You want to be looking for their testimonials and there should be a ton of them.

I mean, it should be, and they should have received a lot more than what they put on the homepage too. Also,  you want to know how long they have been in business Are they brand new? Have they been in business for at least one or two years? And finally, on their website, they should have a section where they display their team, their agents.

This is for accountability. They have to be accountable and if they don’t, why not?  What are they trying to hide if they don’t have this? This is very, very important. It’s a way of saying “Hey if you the insured, my client, if you’re happy, if you’re unhappy, you can find us here. This is where we are and we’re real people and you can find us here. This is how you contact us. This is my face. This is my name.”

People tell us about their experience with other life insurance agencies and agents who would not reveal their last name or even their first name. They would have no way to reach them directly.

They do that because they don’t want accountability because they are very shady and they are not direct and honest with their clients.

By taking these five minutes, going through these steps, you should eliminate about 99% of these inferior agencies, the agents that are out there, these bad apples.  You want your life insurance agent to be someone you can trust.

Finding the Right Agent

You want them to be someone you can trust for the rest of your life. Someone you refer to as your life insurance agent, someone who will putProtect With Insurance agents work for you. your first and give you the best advice and work hard to protect your family. That’s what you want in a life insurance agent. And there are very good ones out there.

You want an agent that works only with the highest rating life insurance companies out there, like we do. You wan an agent who is not going to rip you off just so they could put a few extra bucks in heir pocket at your expense and the expense of your loved ones.

Highly rated, A-Rated life insurance companies are known for the quality service they provide the insured. They are available always to answer your questions. They have also been around for a long time. They are financially solvent and have excellent payment records.

You want to make sure that when it comes time to pass, and you pass while your insurance is in effect 20 years from now, the insurance company you signed with is still in business.

You want to rest assured that you have the best protection out there, that you are paying the lowest price possible and working with the best agencies and life insurance companies on the market.

That’s what we do for you at Protect With Insurance. We find you the best life insurance companies and get you the best deal anywhere. We provide hat security. We truly care.

So check us out. Visit us at You’ll see what we’re talking about. This is what agency websites should look like. If you have anything you want to see in other videos, just reach out to us at

We want to take care of you guys. We are here for you. We are established and we are the best.