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Mortgage Protection Insurance is the most powerful tool homeowners have. It pays off your mortgage debt in the event you die or your health declines.

Mortgage Protection goes above and beyond the typical Death Benefit, found in traditional terms. Mortgage Protection also provides “Living Benefits”, which offer substantial protection for you and your family. 

Mortgage Protection Living Benefits

If you are diagnosed with a terminal, chronic or critical health condition, the policy pays YOU while you are alive, tax-free. This is hugely important, as most people DO experience health decline.

Most people outlive term structured life insurance and simultaneously have health decline, which is why it so crucial to have Living Benefits built into your policy. Over 80% of traditional term owners receive no compensation and have moderate-severe health conditions. If they had Living Benefits, they would have been compensated.

All of our Mortgage Protection programs have 100% Death Benefits. But where we earn your business, is getting you the best price AND the best Living Benefits you qualify for.

Most of our clients that had traditional term life insurance (before they found us), did NOT have Living Benefits. Once they switch over, they are fully protected from death AND health decline.

If you have no Living Benefits in your term policy…

This is not your fault!

Chances are, the agent who built your term did not have access to the options we do.

Mortgage Protection is structured as term life insurance. It’s just that our Mortgage Protection options are better, as we can build a fuller, more secure package to more effectively protect you and your family.

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance is:

  1. 100% tax free
  2. “Level” – This means the coverage does NOT decrease as your mortgage does
  3. Paid directly to you (or your beneficiary) and NOT the lender. This is very important.

Mortgage Example:

If it pays in 20 years, and your mortgage is half of what it is today, the mortgage gets paid off and the rest of the money goes tax free into your bank account.

Mortgage Protection Insurance has significantly reduced foreclosures across the country.

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Example Mortgage Protection Program: TERM 125

Program Highlights:
  • NO medical exam or waiting period
  • 100% full death coverage & tax-free
  • *Enhanced Accidental* 125% payout for any deaths within the accidental category.
Living Benefits
  • Pays 100% for Terminal
  • Pays 100% for Critical (Such as stroke/heart attack)
  • Pays 100% for Chronic:
  1. Chronically ill
  2. Lose 2+ “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL)
  3. Cognitive impairment, requiring supervision


The following video explains

Living Benefits

Mortgage Protection is available for anyone who qualifies (Determined by age & health) with a mortgage.