Phoenix Life Insurance Company “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

This article is not going to be about a company called Phoenix life insurance. In fact, that company no longer exists (It has changed its name to “NASSAU”). This articles is for people that live in Phoenix, and are looking for the best life insurance options; People who already have life insurance and they’re interested in possibly improving upon their life insurance policy, or seeing if they can save money on their life insurance. This is also for anyone who does not have life insurance and is considering jumping on the bandwagon.

If you live in Phoenix, you are considering life insurance and you are asking- “What do I do now?”

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Local Life Insurance Pro Tips

This is going to kind of cover some of the pro tips for the industry and  some big “No-no’s”.

First thing you need to know (and some of this is just going to sound like silly common sense, but it’s easy to fall into this trap)- Don’t select a life insurance company, based on location.

What!? But I’m in Phoenix and I want a Phoenix company!

Absolutely choose a local agent to represent you- someone you can meet face-to-face, if you want to. However, the insurance company that provides and underwrites the life insurance policy, should be chosen based on the quality and fit of the policy and its price, as well as the rating of the company. Location has NOTHING to do with how well they will serve you and protect your loved ones by sending them a check.

Another reason why location of the life insurance company is less important, is there aren’t many local choices. Generally, the best life insurance providers have been in business for approximately 100 years and have an A rating. You can’t be too choosy, when shopping these companies. They are located, where they are located. Denial won’t move them to Phoenix, Arizona.

Our process is a bit unique. We shop a list of companies that meet the above criteria, and provide you with the results of that search. There is no company that is always the least expensive. Rates VS coverage/policy, vary, depending on your health, age and type of policy you want. Therefore, shopping these top companies is essential to saving you money and securing this important policy for you and your loved ones.

Are All Life Insurance Agencies Created Equally?

No way.

Many agencies are what are called, “Captive Agencies”. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important you understand what this means. In this industry, captive agency means they only have access to 1 company’s insurance options. This makes it much more likely you are NOT getting the lowest price and/or the best coverage with the highest rated company.

Other independent agencies will often times brag about their long list of amazing life insurance companies to choose from. Ask them to do the following…

…Prove it. In fact, please ask us to prove our list of carriers. We can easily do so and quickly. We can also verify their ratings.

What steps to follow, when seeking life insurance:


Make sure sure the agent AND the agency they work for, have strong testimonials and great reviews, as well as a solid website. They have been doing this for awhile and treating people, well.


Shop A rated companies, to get the best prices/options. A great independent agency can easily do this for you.


It’s really that simple. If you have a great agent who has a large quantity of quality life insurance options at their fingertips, and they are working hard in your best interests- you are covered and this should be easy for you.

If you have any specific questions this article does not answer, please reach out to us at (928) 323-0933 and we’ll help you through it.


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