Phoenix Life Insurance Company

There are a lot of life insurance companies that Phoenix residents have available to them. For example, there is a company called Nassau Life Insurance, which used to be called Phoenix Life Insurance. They’re a great company. Protect With Insurance has access to them, along with many other life insurance companies. The bottom line is when it comes to a Phoenix life insurance company, we got your back.

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How to Get The Best Life Insurance PRICE

One of the best approaches to getting the best life insurance PRICE is very simple. You need to shop for a ton of life insurance companies and study their policies. It’s important to note that this means life insurance companies, not life insurance agencies.

Agencies may only have access to one life insurance company, which makes them a Captive Agency. Generally, this is not a good thing, as they only have access to one company’s products. That means they can rarely get you the best price.

Your Health Rating Can Vary

For example, when we have a conversation with a client, we may discover they currently have a low health rating with their existing life insurance policy.

Your health rating is based on how that life insurance company rates your health.  Their parameters are limited by their particular life insurance policies, not always by you.

Often it’s these captive agencies that put you into lower health rating options because they cannot do any better. In over 90% of our policies, we are able to arrange a “Preferred” or better health rating, which is above average health, resulting in lower prices for you.

Also, many life insurance agencies have poor reputations because they use dishonest sales tactics. Which, brings us to the next point on selecting your new life insurance agency.


Find The Best Life Insurance Agency

The good news is, many life insurance agencies will not only be completely honest with you but will also have access to MANY life insurance options. So they will be able to shop for the best price.

Most importantly, don’t base this by who you like to talk to, or who you have things in common with. A smarter starting point is to look at the agency website.

Does it look professional? Are their testimonials, reviews, and reviews? Is there an established BLOG section, which demonstrates knowledge and caring for their clients? This is very important and says a great deal about a life insurance agency.

High Rated Companies are Key

Next, does the agency have access to highly rated life insurance companies A- A++, that are very well established and reputable? Obviously, this is KEY, as you will likely have your life insurance, provided through one of these companies.

Finally, does the agency provide any free resources, such as free life insurance quote software, or easy accessibility to agents, if you need help at any time? Or does the agency make it harder to get someone on the phone, or make it difficult for you to move them?

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The bottom line is, you are best protected if you shop for an agency by doing your homework. You can probably get a good sense of an agency through their website if you take 10 minutes and compare a few companies in your state. Just google “life insurance agencies”, “Phoenix life insurance company”, “Arizona Burial Insurance for Seniors” or anything else that you are focused on, and compare three or more life insurance AGENCIES and call the one that looks the best.

Of course, you can always simply meet with several agents that come from different agencies, and select a company.  However, statistically, choices made this way are much more spontaneous and emotional, rather than rational. We will justify our feelings by “finding” the logic to support them. This is psychology 101.


If you are more comfortable doing things the old school way by sitting down and interviewing and meeting with a lot of agents, that’s your choice to make.

If you are even a tenth as busy as I am, you want to approach things efficiently and rationally. That route only entails about 10 minutes of internet research, 5 minutes to confirm your findings on the phone and then one meeting with the best agency rep. If you don’t like the agent or the agency, then simply go with your second choice. However, using this method yields success, over 95% of the time with the first agency.

Phoenix, Arizona residents have access to lots of great life insurance providers, so make sure your agency has contracts with A or higher rated ones.


Why You need a High Rated Life Insurance  Company


There are many reasons why it’s important to have your life insurance provided by a company with A.M. Best high rating. The question is, how do you control this outcome? The easiest way is to hire an independent agency like Protect With Insurance that has access to a solid list of A-rated life insurance companies. If you do this, the options they present to you are ensured to be the highest rated options money can buy

Ratings matter, price matters and the agency matters. Geographical location does not impact the policy price or coverage but is a common criterium for shoppers.


Don’t Get Caught Up in The Unimportant

It’s funny, but an article entitled, Phoenix Life Insurance Company emphasizes how unimportant it is to select a life insurance company in Phoenix if you actually live there. This recommendation insinuates that all the companies you research needn’t be located nearby as a necessary perk or a requirement. Letting location heavily influence your decision will simply cause your final choice to be less beneficial.

Finally, the goal of this article is to educate and assist you in shopping for the best life insurance protection possible.  The location has nothing to do with that. IF you do live in Phoenix, certainly look for highly-rated local agents in the area. However, try to not limit your options to JUST local. If you do focus on local options, only, there is almost a certainty that you will pay more money for a lower-rated company and your loved ones may be penalized, in the end.

This article was written by Chad McMahan, CEO of Protect With Insurance. Reach out to us with any questions and we will be happy to help.