Phoenix Life Insurance

There are many life insurance options for those living in or near Phoenix, Arizona.


This article will help you understand your options, and how to get the most bang for the buck.

Table of Contents:


What IS Phoenix Life Insurance?

Awhile back there was a company called Phoenix Life Insurance.  They have changed their name to Nassau Life Insurance. Even though they are still located in Phoenix, Arizona. They are a great life insurance company. Protect With Insurance can certainly help you secure a policy that they underwrite. However, for the purposes of this article, we are NOT going to focus on Nassau Life. This article is primarily about total life insurance options that Phoenix residents have available to them.

What Can Protect With Insurance Offer You?

We protect Arizona residents with life insurance
Let Protect With Insurance take YOU and your family under their wing. We have access to some of the lowest prices in the country.

Our Phoenix Insurance company is actually an independent brokerage firm. We are a huge resource for you since we have access to a plethora of other life insurance companies. Our process is simple. We start by asking you questions, to clearly identify your goals for your life insurance. We then ask health questions. Based on your responses, we’re going to shop a long list of life insurance companies that residents within Phoenix, Arizona can access.


All of the Arizona life insurance companies we shop are highly rated, which ensures they are reputable. They will also be financially solvent, serve Arizona residents, and commit to you, as long as you pay your premium.

What’s The Best Life Insurance You Can Get Based On Health?

Depending on your unique health, we will shop for everything, possible. Sometimes it’s obvious there is one ideal company and that is what we choose. However, on many occasions, we shop over 10 companies to save you every penny and get you the best coverage. We’re going to run everything we have access to. Whichever one comes back with the best price for the appropriate coverage, is the one to go with. So if you are in Phoenix, Arizona, and you’re interested in Nassau insurance (AKA Phoenix Life Insurance Company), we’ll shop them as long as they’ll approve you based on your health. Then again, we’re going to shop a whole bunch of other companies for you, as well. That’s just part of the process. We want you to have the best, lowest possible price. We also maximize the death benefit for your loved ones. There are death benefit amounts that often give the best price. We share different coverage “levels” with you, so you truly know your options.

Now, WAIT Just a Hot Minute!

It’s a wonderful thing. Most of the life insurance companies we contract with have NO waiting period, whatsoever. Most of the life insurance policies begin as soon as you make your first payment and so does your protection begin for your family.

So that’s the short version. For more details or if you have other questions, give us a call. Reach out to us. We are ready to get you the best price, possible. Or, let us know what we can do for you. Call us today!