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Hello, this is Chad McMahan with protect with insurance, with another life insurance episode. This one is on, how do I find a term life insurance agency near me? So if you’ve been asking that question and you’re saying, Hey, you know, I need something that’s near me. I want it. I want a term life insurance policy.

How do I accomplish that? So there are a few ways you can take care of that. First thing you need to know is that there are agencies all across the country, but physical location of the agencies. Doesn’t really matter very much. What matters is, is what is the rating, the life insurance rating of the insurance company that the agency is going to use to protect you and your family.

That’s what matters. The agency location that is truly less important.  however, You know, there are a few simple solutions. You can always Google online, look online, any search engine you want, but you can search your type in the name of your States. Or if you want it even closer, you can look in your, your city and your state and look for a life insurance agency and pull it up.

That’s one way. I would discourage that if you’re looking for an agency just based on location, no, that the court quality of the service that you’re going to get and the cost of your prices are going to be negatively impacted. So you want to be careful with that. Again, what’s most important is a insurance company, the insurance carrier, not the agency.

And the way that you make sure that you’re going to be with a solid life insurance company so that your term life insurance is going to be there, the best program possible lowest possible pricing, highest possible rating. And I keep saying rating because it’s that important, but yeah, if you look online is a great starting point.

Yeah. And you can look for, you know, maybe best life insurance agencies or a term life insurance agency get rid of the near me part. And what you want to do is. The three or four that pop up near the top. Or of course, if you’ve had referrals, then go with your referrals and start there. That’s always a winner, but you want to look at, are there reviews of the agency that you’re gonna be working for?

That’s one. Two is, are they independent? Are they what’s called a captive agency or are they independent? Independent means that they can serve more companies and get you more prices, better prices, more product options. That’s really important. If you want to get your price down as low as possible and make sure you’re with a solid, reputable, high rated life insurance company, then you need an independent brokerage, independent agency to take care of you.

that’s why we opted on the independent side. We could have easily been a captive agency. We decided to go independent so that we can pull a whole bunch of these AA rated companies and shop for our, so typically the way that we provide quotes for clients is they can text us, email us, or call us. We get their information.

It takes about three to five minutes, and then we spend a half an hour to two hours and we’ll shop this list of companies. And then we get back with you and let you know what we come up with. And that’s how you save money. In this business. So I hope that that has been helpful. I want to keep it to the point.

I don’t want to ramble if I can help it and priority guilty of that. But if there’s anything else that we can provide for you, if you have other questions, this question came from Tom Breton in Prescott, Arizona.  so Tom, I hope that was helpful to you. Anyone else? You have questions, please? Just email them to us.

Call us, let us know what you’d like to see a video on. We’ll be happy to help. Alright. Stay safe out there.


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