Term life insurance for pre-seniors

Hello, this is Chad McMahan with protect with insurance, and this is another life insurance episode. Now this one is on a term life insurance for pre seniors. So if you’re not quite a senior yet, or you’re pretty far from being a senior, then this is for you. If you’ve ever thought of term life insurance, if you have term life insurance,  you know, you think you might get term life insurance.

Some point, even if you’re just curious, and this video is going to be for you now, if you’re sold on, on whole life, insurance is the best way to go for you. Then I would encourage you to take a look at some of our many, many videos that are available on our website. And we have quite a few that really focus on whole life.

Insurance. So that being said, there are a few just brief things I want to the cover on this video. I want this to be beneficial to you and know that you can always reach out to us. You can call us (928) 323-0933. You can email us hello@protectwithinsurance.com.  if you want to see videos and something else, if you feel that your situation’s a little bit more custom and you want to ask them direct questions and get some direct help.

Reach out to us, please. We want to help you. We want to take care of you. This kind of thing is so crucially important, something happens to you. You want to know that your family, when he is taken care of, or something happens to your, your spouse or your sibling, and you want to know that you’re taken care of.

So this is crucially important. We take this stuff very, very seriously, and we’d love to help you and your family out. Now that being said. I want to quickly go over a few things that would stop you from being able to get term life insurance, to not be able to qualify for it. And then also go over a few things that people think would stop them from getting term, but actually don’t and where you’re perfectly fine and you can get Terman and there’s no issue.

and then I want to go over just a few quick things of how to get there. Lowest price term, the best possible term at a few warnings. As well to just quickly go over. So first thing is, here are some conditions that are perfectly fine and you can get a good solid term life insurance, full coverage policy.

So first of all, blood pressure issues, if it’s just blood pressure and you don’t have heart failure and you don’t have angina and you don’t have something more serious, it’s just blood pressure. You can be taking one, two. Three, sometimes even more medications for it. And that’s okay. Now some of these prescription medicines, this goes for everything I’m about to cover.

Some medications are an instance, just an automatic decline. So yeah, it’s important to know what your prescription medications are before you talk with an agency or an agent.  cause it really will clarify and expedite the whole process. You just want to know what your prescription meds are, have a list in your hand or have your bottles nearby.

Something like that for you and for your,  for your partner, for your spouse, for your friend, if you’re looking at someone else as well. Now,  asthma it’s become so common. I have some yeah. Issues as well. Mine are more allergy based, but,  if you’re taking one prescription medicine, it tends to be fine.

If you’re taking more, just let us know. There are programs out there.  allergies, same thing. Now there are, again, this is kind of a hot list. There are prescription medicines for asthma. That the systems, the automated systems that a lot of these companies use, they’re going to say this person has CLPD.

So please let us know again, those prescription medicines, because you talk with a competent agent, they’re going to know instantly. The way, the work around for that. And a lot of these companies, there are easy work arounds. The agent can write a short letter. The agent does all the legwork. They write a short letter and they say, here’s a prescription medicine.

It’s not for CLPD. My client does not have CLPD and you can work through that. And it’s totally fine.  now also diabetes, incredibly common nowadays as is anxiety. It’s become incredibly common. And so. With diabetes. Totally fine. Metformin, not a problem. You can be taking Metformin and have no issue.

However, if you’re taking insulin for your diabetes, that can be an automatic decline for a lot of these now.  for anxiety, if it’s truly just anxiety or depression, typically that’s fine. Excuse me. If it’s bipolar schizophrenia, that can be a problem. So again, just let your agent know and they can help you with that.

Now.  those are some of the common ones. There’s the most common one that we see and that we here also know that if your height and your weight are pretty far from ideal, let’s say you are five foot 10. And you weigh a two 50 or even 300 or more, just as one example, then it makes sure that you’re really upfront right away with your agent.

Cause these are hurdles that you can overcome. And if your agent knows it early on, it’s going to expedite the whole process. So I have plenty of clients that their height and weight are so extreme either on the light side or on the heavy side for their height. That there’s really only just one company that would make sense.

And so sometimes it makes our job so much easier and faster. Just to know that up front, we just say, okay, this is the company to go with. They’ll blow it the way the competition they’re going to outperform on your price will be significantly better. So it’s important to know those things up front so that we can save you money so that we can put you in a program going to be the highest rated company.

With the best possible program, the lowest possible price based on everything you’re sharing. So don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be shy about these things, please. Just, we all have issues. Just share them right up front. You got to choose to trust somebody. So pick a good agency. That’s going to look out for you and just be upfront and just say, look, I want to get the best possible policy.

Here are my main issues. Here’s my list of prescription medicine. Here’s anything else that might help you agent to, to take care of me and you just go through it and then let the agent have some time. And.  do some shopping for you now, hopefully,  your agent is, is going to be able to shop a whole bunch of companies, right?

What we do for every single one of our clients without exception is we custom fit. We custom create a shopping list for you. So if you share X, Y, and Z, or your health issues, then we’re going to hand pick. All these different a rated companies, and then we’re going to shop them for you and compare prices.

If you’re in perfect health, we’re going to shop a lot more companies. If you have something like congestive heart failure, something really serious, it might be a shorter list. It might just be three or four companies that we shop until we go through this. And that’s how we get you the best price possible.

now couple of things that are going to automatically decline you for term life insurance. One is going to be, if you have more serious heart problems, some things are okay. And some things aren’t congestive heart failure in China,  heart attacks, strokes. A lot of these things will automatic decline.

So again, please, just,  anything that’s a concern to you with your health? You don’t want to try and hide something because it’s just going to be a waste of your time. Things that you think that hopefully they won’t find this out about me. Maybe I can get approved. Chances are they will. And if they don’t, that means that you’re being dishonest in the application where they ask the help questions.

If you’re caught being dishonest on something. And they will check you out,  then it could jeopardize payments to your beneficiary. So you want to just make sure you just start up front about everything right away. So I hope that’s been helpful, but having a little bit of a coughing issue here. So I’m going to jump off, please reach out to us.

If we can help you take care.