Accidental Only Life Insurance

Did You Know That Every SIX Seconds Someone Dies From An Accident?

According to the latest report from the Center For Disease Control, which tracks the leading causes of deaths in North America; Accidental deaths are the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN NORTH AMERICA

It’s not just car accidents, either. It could be anything from tripping, falling, snake bites, suffocation, fire, firearms, something obscure such as something falling on you, or many others.

Common examples of accidental deaths, covered by accidental life insurance:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: #1 cause of accidental deaths in the United States of America. car accidents include mechanically or electrically powered vehicles.
  • Falls: Approximately 13,000 deaths from falls, each year.
  • Poison: This consists of 2 subcategories: Poison from gas and vapor (such as carbon monoxide poisoning) and poison from solids/liquids (such as drug/medications).
  • Drowning: This excludes drownings resulting from natural disasters.
  • Fire: Including burns, asphyxiation, and deaths that occur from falling objects during a fire.
  • Suffocation: Such as choking on food or ingesting an object that blocks the air passage.
  • Firearms: Excludes those who are killed in combat or firearm suicide.
  • Industrial accidents: It can include explosions, equipment malfunctions, mining accidents, or other work related deaths.
  • Other: Includes medical complications resulting from mistakes made by medical professionals (such as surgery), air transport injury, machine interactions, mechanical suffocation, and the impact from a falling object.

Living in America without Accidental Death Insurance is like driving around without your seatbelt every day. It’s a matter of time until an accident happens.

One of the greatest benefits of applying for Affordable Accidental Death Insurance in Arizona is that there is NO MEDICAL CHECK and NO WAITING PERIOD.

You read that right, NO BLOOD TEST and definitely NO URINE TESTS.

Once you chat with your agent, they can provide you with a BINDER. A BINDER is an authorization for insurance on the spot!

That means you could get an accident the very next day and the insurance company would have to pay your beneficiary the benefit. Of course, some restrictions apply. For example, some companies only allow $100,000 to be paid if that happens before you get your policy issued but for life insurance that starts at $20/month for most people over the age of 50, there is no reason why you would not have it.

Think about it, what’s more important? Getting a venti non-fat, frappuccino with caramel and whip cream each month or giving your family $100,000 if something happens to you?

Get affordable life insurance, today, by chatting with your Protect With Insurance agent. We service the great state of Arizona; Including: Prescott, Prescott Valley, Sedona, Flagstaff, Tucson, the Phoenix area, Northern Arizona, and yes, really the entire state of Arizona!

Below are a few examples of how much Accidental Life Insurance can cost.

Examples of Cost of $100,000 Accidental Life Insurance in Arizona

It is no surprise, that the cost of a male and female the same exact age is different. This is because men statistically do not live as long as women. For a $100,00 accidental life insurance policy, even at age 65 it is still just a $1 per day.

Lastly, some companies offer a Return of Premium (ROP) option on their accident insurance. ROP is just a fancy way of saying you get all your money back at the end of the policy. Pretty cool right? Ask your agent if you qualify for return of premium accidental life insurance.

Your information allows us to instantly provide you with an accurate Accidental Death Policy Quote.

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