Mortgage Protection

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Mortgage Protection Insurance is the most powerful tool homeowners have. It pays off your mortgage debt in the event something happens to you.

In many cases, we can go above and beyond the death benefit and we can also provide “living benefits” to our clients. This means, if you are diagnosed with a terminal, chronic or critical health condition, the policy pays YOU while you are alive, tax-free. This is hugely important.

Most people outlive term structured insurance, which is why it so crucial to have complete and effective living benefits built into your policy, so that you are not throwing your money away- to just cover the event of your death.

It is much more likely your Mortgage Protection policy will pay from a living benefit than from a death benefit. Of course all our Mortgage Protection policies have death benefits. But where we earn your business, is getting you the best price AND the best program- which includes the best living benefits you qualify for.

Most of our clients that already had traditional term life insurance (before they found us), did NOT have any (or sufficient) living benefits within their previous term policies.

This is not your fault!

Chances are, your previous agent did not have access to the options we do.

Mortgage Protection is structured as term life insurance. It’s just that our Mortgage Protection options are better, as we can build a better, fuller package to more effectively protect you and your family.

It is:

  1. 100% tax free
  2. “Level” – This means the policy amount does NOT decrease as your mortgage does
  3. Paid directly to you (or your beneficiary) and NOT the lender. This is a very important distinction. If it pays in 20 years, and your mortgage is half of what it is today, the entire policy pays. The mortgage gets paid off and the rest of the money goes tax free into your bank account.

Mortgage Protection Insurance is crucially important, to protect your family. It has significantly reduced foreclosures across the country.

For peace of mind, and to put your protection in place, TEXT us at (928) 323-0933 and simply say, “I’d like a Mortgage Protection quote”.

Mortgage Protection is for anyone who has a mortgage. Even if you plan on moving or selling your home it does not matter. The policy will always follow you.