The Absolute Best Life Insurance Companies in 2020


Protecting Your Family With life insurance

Working With the Best 2020 Life Insurance Companies

Working With the Best 2020 Life Insurance CompaniesSeveral times a year Protect With Insurance reassess the current life insurance companies out there.  If a new life insurance company jumps into the top 10 we add them to our list of A-Rated ilife insurance providers. If we have’nt already we will contract with them and bring them on board. This may sound like there’s bias here but we have already contracted with every single company we’ve identified as belonging in the top 10.

We contract with Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance, Transamerica, Foresters Financial, American Life Insurance, Amicable Life Insurance, Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance and A. I. G. Life Insurance. These are just a few of the companies that we work with on a regular basis. The reason why we’ve chosen these companies is because consistently, these companies have earned the highest ratings given for life insurance providers. It’s important to understand that ratings are not reviews. Reviews are not created by professionals. Ratings are.

Professional ratings are published by third-party companies that specialize in rating the performance of life insurance companies. That is their sole purpose.

These independent rating establishments rate life insurance companies by evaluating their financial solvency, the length of time they have been in business, their customer service and payout record.

They evaluate how consistently these companies payout on their policies when they’re supposed to and how easy they are to get on the phone.

Although the primary criteria they focus on is financial solvency, the rating process delves into numerous other factors in determining the ratings as well.

Life Insurance Company Ratings Are Crucial

The ratings of these companies are crucial. It’s an integral part of how we choose specific companies that we work with, for the benefit ofLife Insurance Company Ratings Are Crucial
our clients. We require every company we work with to have high ratings.

We strictly focus on companies that are A-Rated, although we also work with companies that are A-Plus Rated or A-Minus Rated. We will not work with companies that are rated any lower.

Most of the A-Rated companies have been around a long time and they have great track records. There are high rated companies that most people have heard of before, like Mutual of Omaha. That’s a fantastic one. They’ve been doing a great job through the decades. Trans America Life Insurance as well, another company with longevity is highly rated. These companies have been around. Some have been in business for over a hundred years.

They market their policies heavily and that’s the reason why everyone’s heard of them. They consistently price their policies extremely well. They are, approving clients and they’re making payments when they’re supposed to. That’s the main criteria for a good solid life insurance company.

Different Companies Offer Different Features.

Different Companies Offer Different Features.One thing that you need to understand is that a lot of these life insurance companies offer different extra features to their clients as well as different types of policies. They also have different filters in measuring the health of prospective life insurance buyers.

If you get one policy through Royal Neighbors of America, you’re going to have different living benefits, different builtin features than if you go with Mutual of Omaha or with Americo. Royal Neighbors of America has amazing living benefits that are totally unique.

If you do not have health insurance, Royal Neighbors of America can, most of the time, get you significant discounts on your prescription medicines and on dental care, eye exams, eye glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and hearing aid batteries. They even get you huge discounts on things like attorney fees if you need a consultation or if you need a will or even a trust drawn up.

You can get big discounts. So there are things like this to consider. If you let your agent or agency know what’s most important to you, then they can pair you with a company that’s not only going to get you a great price but includes all these built-in features that you probably weren’t even aware that you could have with a life insurance company.

It is OK to look at reviews, but that should only weigh in for about 20% of your decision making when you’re  looking at life insurance companies.

The Importance of An Agent When Buying Life insurance

The most important thing when choosing a solid insurance company is you’re going to need an agent.The Importance of An Agent When Buying Life insurance

Even if you go directly to a life insurance company, they’re going to assign you an agent.  They will pick someone and you may never meet that person. It’s better to pick an agency that works within your state. You want to start by picking an agency that is solid. You want to pick an agency that is reputable and well established.

A good agent’s Website looks really sharp. They’ve got a long string of testimonials. They post many blogs concerning resources related to life insurance policies and programs.

We at Protect With Insurance work hard to maintain our Website

Sharp. Informative, with clear and concise content that will help you get the kind of life insurance policy that fits your needs at the best price for your budget, can answer many of your questions just by reading our informative and up-to-date blogs.

We are a solid life insurance brokerage agency with virtually few areas in the life insurance industry we are not familiar with.

We are an agency that’s going to treat you well and provide you with almost unlimited resources to help find the perfect policy at the perfect price. Protect With Insurance cares.

Digging Deep to Find the Best Broker

Digging Deep to Find the Best BrokerYou can widen your search on Google online to check for negative reviews, a good indicator that the agency may not be the one you should be dealing with.

If the website looks really sharp. no indicators, no red flags that you’re concerned about, then give the agency a call and ask to be assigned an agent that has been in the business for at least a year. Also, request a list of all of the life insurance companies they work with.

They should be able to just email it to you the information, make it really easy. It doesn’t even have to be verbal. You want a list of at least seven A-rated life insurance companies to consider.

You at least would have heard of most of these companies on the list.  Within about two minutes you can find the ratings of these companies by going to Google.  Go ahead andGoogle a life insurance company like Transamerica Life Insurance and others for their ratings. Search for the companies that rate these life insurance companies and find those ratings.

You want to find ratings that are A-minus or above. No B or C ratings. If every one of the companies that the agency offers that you got in your email is an A- minus or above, then you’re in good shape. That is going to be your best method.

You can reach out to an individual company if you want to. You can call Mutual of Omaha directly. You can do it that way but then you’re only getting a price from one company. It’s great if Mutual of Omaha is on the list. You want it to be on the same list of other A-minus rated or above companies. If Mutual of Omaha is on that list that is a plus.

You want a list of companies that offer the price you are looking for by comparing them to each other so that you can get the best price possible, save money on your policy and have great features that are built in that are a good fit for you.

Pro Tip on Getting A Great Life Insurance Policy

Our biggest pro tip for this video is to look for features that include living benefits and other percs. Make sure that you tell your agent Pro Tip on Getting A Great Life Insurance Policywhat is important to you. It’s absolutely worth exploring because you can choose from policies that differ on the amount of premium you would pay for month-per-month and  have different features built in that are a great fit for you and is going to benefit you throughout your life.

You want to find a brokerage life insurance company firm that will go that extra mile for you in finding the best life insurance company out there to work with that will best fit your needs and expectations and offer you the kind of coverage you and your family need at a price that falls within your budget.

We at Protect With Insurance make it our mission to personally work with every client to find that perfect life insurance policy and get you the best deal ever for the best price possible.

We have been in this business a long time and we only work with the top-rated life insurance companies out there. We are always available and our customer service is exemplory.

Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the links below. We are here to ensure you get the best life insurance coverage possible that will provide the kind of security you need to live your life knowing that if you die, the loved ones you leave behind will be well taken care of.