Ultimate 2020 Burial Insurance Guide

Ultimate 2020 Burial Insurance Guide

Burial insurance Prescott Arizona is essentially a whole life insurance policy that covers your funeral service, cemetery plot and headstone, casket, funeral procession, cremation and other miscellaneous costs. Burial Insurance goes by many names and they all mean the exact same thing   Whether it’s called:

  • Final Expense Insurance
  • Life Insurance for Seniors
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Burial Insurance for Seniors


These terms are all interchangeable. Burial Insurance is actually just a streamlined whole life insurance policy marketed to those 50-85 years old. It’s easy to get approved for and it’s affordable. It usually has a benefit ranging from $2,000 to $50,000. 

There are absolutely no medical exams and most health issues are okay.

It basically pays for your burial or cremation costs when you pass. The death benefit is paid tax-free to your beneficiary.  These funds allow your loved ones to pay for your final expenses without having to strain their own finances.

The best news is that any remaining funds are left to use at their own discretion! 

This is because it is fundamentally just a whole life insurance policy, it literally makes things a whole lot easier. That’s because whole life policies operate very directly with no hidden agenda.

Burial Insurance for Guide Seniors

The price of your premiums is set in concrete. They never increase.  On the flip side, your death benefit never decreases. It stays the same. It doesn’t have an expiration date and they can never cancel your policy because of your age. Remember, it is a whole life type of policy.

What You Need To KnowWhole Life Insurance what you need to know About Whole Life Insurance

o   Your policy remains in effect for your entire life as long as you are premiums are paid.

o   Your benefit amount is paid directly to your beneficiary in full.

o   Your policy accumulates cash value and becomes a savings policy as well.

o   You can access this cash to borrow or invest with it while you’re still alive.

That’s burial insurance in a nutshell! 

Now that you are a little familiar with the ins and outs of Burial Insurance the HUNT IS ON!

The Six Best Insurance Companies for Final Expense and Burial Insurance

The Six Best Insurance Companies for Final Expense and Burial Insurance

To help you find that needle in the haystack Protect With Insurance has compiled a list of the six-best insurance companies based on their A.M. Best ratings, the quality of their underwriting and of course, their price.  It’s important to understand the A.M. Best rating system in determining your best insurance choices.


A Best’s Credit Rating (BCR) is a forward-looking credit rating agency providing independent and objective opinions regarding an insurer’s, issuer’s, or financial obligation’s relative credit worthiness. The opinion represents a comprehensive analysis consisting of a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile or, where appropriate, the specific nature and details of security.

Guide to A.M. Best Credit Ratings

Rating Descriptor Definition
A++, A+ Superior Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a superior ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations
A, A- Excellent Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, an excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations
B++, B+ Good Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a good ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations
B, B- Fair Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a fair ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. Financial strength is vulnerable to adverse changes in underwriting and economic conditions.
C++, C+ Marginal Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a marginal ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. Financial strength is vulnerable to adverse changes in underwriting and economic conditions.
C, C- Weak Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a weak ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. Financial strength is very vulnerable to adverse changes in underwriting and economic conditions.
D Poor Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, a poor ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. Financial strength is extremely vulnerable to adverse changes in underwriting and economic conditions.
E Under Regulatory Supervision Assigned to companies (and possible their subsidiaries/affiliates) placed under a significant form of regulatory supervision, control or restraint – including cease and desist orders, conservatorship or rehabilitation, but not liquidation – that prevents conduct of normal, ongoing insurance operations.
F In Liquidation Assigned to companies placed in liquidation by a court of law or by a forced liquidation.
S Suspended Assigned to rated companies when sudden and significant events affect their balance sheet strength or operating performance and rating implications cannot be evaluated due to a lack of timely or adequate information.



Top Six Burial Insurance Companies


1. Americo (55-85)

2. American Amicable (55-85)

3. Foresters Financial (ages 55-85)

4. Gerber (ages 55-80)

5. Mutual of Omaha (ages 55-85)

6. Royal Neighbors (55-80)


(To pinpoint your price, accurate to this very second, CLICK HERE)



A-Excellent Rating by A.M. Best 

AMERICO A-Excellent Rating by A.M. Best “WHO WE ARE”

The roots of the Americo family of companies date back more than 100 years. Our growth has been built on the successful acquisition of several insurance entities. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (formerly known as The College Life Insurance Company of America was founded in 1946);

The Ohio State Life Insurance Company, founded in 1906; and Great Southern Life Insurance Company, founded in 1909. We have a long history of innovation. In 1922, Great Southern Life became the first company in America to insure the lives of children. In 1971, Ohio State Life was the first to advance death benefit payments to sustain the life of a policyholder. In 1981, Great Southern Life led the way as one of the first American companies to offer universal life insurance.  We’re constantly striving to eclipse our previous achievements and define new levels of success for our clients and agents.

Americo has been around a LONG time and they have a strong rating. They offer something unique for smokers. If you quite smoking within the next 3 years, you can get a non-smoker rate TODAY, which can save you 20% – 40% on your policy. They pay for a blood test in just over 3 years. If there is nicotine in your blood, they move you to a smoker rate. It’s a fantastic program.


Sample Rate Sheet.





55 $36.32 $44.62
56 $41.47 $50.12
57 $46.61 $56.35
58 $51.79 $62.60
59 $57.12 $68.73
60 $62.20 $74.12
61 $67.36 $80.80
62 $72.51 $86.97
63 $77.69 $93.10
64 $82.82 $99.27
65 $87.99 $105.10
66 $93.14 $111.37
67 $98.23 $117.67
68 $103.45 $124.01
69 $108.90 $130.12
70 $114.01 $136.40
71 $119.20 $144.10
72 $124.47 $150.55
73 $129.87 $156.73
74  $134.25 $163
75 $139.49 $169.11
76 $144.67 $176.02
77 $149.96 $182.23
78 $154.12 $188.10
79 $159.66 $194.38
80 $164.73 $200.58
81 $169.86 $206.87
82 $175.12 $212.99
83 $180.15 $218.10
84 $185.63 $125.23
85 $190.69 $229.59



       A- Excellent Rating by A.M. Best 


Tracing its roots back to 1910, the American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas is a progressive special markets insurer. The Company offers innovative life insurance and annuity products developed to target the individual needs of protection, wealth creation and estate preservation.

The Company continues to grow and prosper and has consistently maintained a solid financial position. American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas is a part of the American-Amicable Group, which was acquired by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. in 2010.

Historically anchored on a foundation of financial integrity, responsible management, and a strong commitment to every policyholder, American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas looks to the future with great enthusiasm.

American Amicable has a program called “Senior Choice”, which offers one of the best burial insurance products for seniors, on the market. Their whole life and term products also offer some of the best LIVING BENEFITS that life insurance companies carry, today.


Sample Rate Sheet:




55 $33.69 $40.04
56 $38.10 $46.10
57 $42.58 $51.23
58 $47.12 $57.47
59 $51.47 $63.59
60 $55.99 $69.78
61 $60.42 $76.01
62 $64.89 $82.11
63 $69.09 $88.25
64 $73.66 $94.47
65 $78.13 $100.63
66 $82.80 $106.79
67 $87.33 $112.91
68 $91.90 $119.07
69 $96.31 $125.23
70 $100.79 $131.47
71 $105.01 $137.60
72 $109.50 $143.75
73 $115.22 $149.98
74 $119.67 $156.12
75 $124.28 $162.33
76 $128.69 $168.50
77 $133.25 $174.67
78 $137.70 $180.80
79 $142.26 $186.98
80 $146.79 $193.10
81 $151.23 $199.35
82 $156.69 $206.00
83 $161.20 $212.18
84 $163.33 $218.49
85 $166.03 $221.32



A- Excellent Rating by A.M. Best 


At Foresters Financial we help everyday families achieve their long-term financial goals. But we’re more than an international financial services provider. Through our heritage as a fraternal benefit society, we have a global network of members that is more than two million strong. To become a Foresters member, you can apply as part of the purchase of a life insurance product underwritten by The Independent Order of Foresters, which is a fraternal benefit society. Members enjoy unique member benefits1 including competitive academic scholarships, financial counseling and discounted legal services as well as opportunities to give back through volunteering opportunities.

Every year, we share our financial success to improve family well-being for our global network of member families and the communities where they live. In 2018 alone, Foresters invested more than $626 million2 in claims and member benefits including $1.85 million in competitive scholarships for students in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We also provided over $3.84 million towards community initiatives such as Care Packages, Community Beautification, Create & Construct, Meal Help and Volunteer Support activities and Fun Family events where our members can spend quality time with their families at no cost.

From our start over 140 years ago, we have helped families build financial security, help each other and make a difference in their communities. Almost a century-and-a-half later, this commitment still sets us apart. We’re not another faceless financial institution. We stand for something more

Foresters Financial recently adjusted their underwriting, and now offer some of the most lenient underwriting of all burial insurance providers. This is very good news for individuals with moderate health conditions, because you can usually get a “preferred” health rating, which is above average, and reduces your cost VS having to go with a guaranteed issue or graded whole life insurance policy.


Sample Rate Sheet:




55 $31.16 $36.86
56 $35.60 $42.12
57 $40.15 $47.67
58 $44.67 $53.33
59 $49.12 $58.79
60 $53.66 $64.10
61 $58.10 $69.67
62 $62.67 $75.39
63 $67.23 $80.90
64 $71.47 $86.35
65 $75.99 $91.77
66 $80.46 $97.26
67 $64.95 $103.19
68 $69.33 $108.64
69 $73.89 $104.12
70 $78.31 $109.73
71 $82.95 $105.32
72 $87.39 $108.95
73 $91.88 $113.34
74 $96.20 $118.89
75 $100.66 $124.27
76 $105.12 $129.78
77 $109.63 $134.26
78 $114.22 $139.99
79 $118.78 $145.45
80 $123.21 $150.96
81 $127.97 $156.26
82 $132.50 $161.80
83 $138.98 $175.23
84 $151.47 $186.39
85 $165.92 $200.75

4. Gerber Life                        

     A- Excellent Rating by A.M. Best 

Gerber Life Insurance“WHO WE ARE”

For more than 50 years, Gerber Life has been providing budget-friendly life insurance so that children and adults can have greater financial protection. Founded in 1967 by the Gerber Products Company, we share a common heritage and values in caring for the millions of families who place their trust in us. Today, Gerber Life is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group, a worldwide industry leader in life insurance whose strength and stability fortify our $50 billion of life insurance in force. With Gerber Life, applying for a policy is easy and simple. You can count on us for insurance plans for the entire family that offer the reliability, flexibility and peace of mind you deserve.


Gerber has made a name for itself with its baby food products. However, their life insurance options are quite strong and have a good reputation. The prices below, are for their guaranteed issue life insurance. It’s what it sounds like- they ask your age and gender and give you a price. Approval is guaranteed, if you are age 55-80. This program, like all guaranteed issue life insurance, has a drastically reduced payout to your loved ones if your death falls within the first 2 years of starting the policy. Once you begin year #3, payout is 100% of the coverage amount, as long as you keep (pay for) the policy.

Gerber’s guaranteed issue life insurance is one of the absolute best priced guaranteed programs you can get your hands on.


Sample Rate Sheet:




55 $44.28 $57.93
56 $49.63 $65.53
57 $54.87 $72.94
58 $60.36 $80.12
59 $65.89 $87.86
60 $71.24 $95.25
61 $76.80 $102.87
62 $82.12 $110.36
63 $87.45 $117.96
64 $92.79 $125.46
65 $98.18 $133.08
66 $103.46 $140.79
67 $108.60 $148.38
68 $113.99 $157.77
69 $119.27 $166.61
70 $124.62 $179.21
71 $129.96 $187.93
72 $135.25 $195.66
73 $138.61 $205.12
74 $142.97 $213.99
75 $148.50 $221.09
76 $154.67 $230.51
77 $160.23 $237.03
78 $168.45 $240.95
79 $172.12 $243.68
80 $176.37 $247.32


 5. Mutual of Omaha  

       A-Excellent Rating by A.M. Best 

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance“WHO WE ARE”

Mutual of Omaha is a Fortune 500 mutual insurance and financial services company based in Omaha, Nebraska.[1] Founded in 1909 as Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association, Mutual of Omaha is a financial organization offering a variety of insurance and financial products for individuals, businesses, and groups throughout the United States.

The company provides a variety of financial services, including Medicare Supplement, life insurance, long-term care coverage and annuities, as well as group coverage including life, disability, and 401(k).

Mutual of Omaha is a personal favorite choice of mine for burial insurance. Their rating is exceptionally high. Their customer service is excellent. Their burial insurance program is called Living Promise. If you have some moderate+ health conditions, such as diabetes AND neuropathy, or have kidney disease, they will likely approve you for their “graded” Living Promise option, which is a superior alternative to going with guaranteed issue programs. The payout over the first 2 years of the policy is much higher than guaranteed issue payout, and the price is lower than guaranteed-issue life insurance.

If your health is good or better, they offer some amazing prices with their immediate/level Living Promise program.

Sample Rate Sheet:




55 $27.71 $35.95
56 $31.47 $40.97
57 $35.20 $46.12
58 $39.12 $51.23
59 $44.00 $56.47
60 $47.63 $51.60
61 $51.56 $56.86
62 $55.93 $61.99
63 $59.80 $67.34
64 $63.79 $72.55
65 $67.65 $77.87
66 $71.63 $83.10
67 $75.60 $88.41
68 $77.62 $93.69
69 $81.71 $98.83
70 $85.85 $103.98
71 $89.97 $109.20
72 $94.12 $114.56
73 $98.50 $119.76
74 $102.73 $124.94
75 $106.13 $120.15
76 $110.78 $125.47
77 $114.33 $130.66
78 $118.79 $135.91
79 $122.91 $141.37
80 $125.99 $146.20
81 $128.12 $151.43
82 $130.18 $156.72
83 $132.09 $162.10
84 $133.78 $180.75
85 $135.90 $192.74


6. Royal Neighbors 

A- Excellent Rating by A.M. Best

Royal Neighbors life insurance“WHO WE ARE”

Back in 1895, women couldn’t vote and in many states couldn’t control their money or own property. Neither they nor children were considered insurable. But our founders believed women have emotional and financial worth. They believed both men and women needed financial protection through insurance. They believed strong women create strong families and then strong communities. So, nine-strong women banded together. They didn’t just socialize…they mobilized. They formed Royal Neighbors as one of the first carriers to insure women and children.

We Are Different

Generally, neither women nor children were insurable more than 120 years ago. But Royal Neighbors changed that. As one of the largest women-led life insurers in the U.S., we promise to financially protect you and your family. That’s the true meaning of life insurance – to protect the lives of those you love. But it goes deeper. We’re not just about selling life insurance. As a member, you will receive free and discounted services for things like prescriptions, legal services, and online shopping. We also offer grants such as our Nation of Neighbors℠ Program and educational scholarships.

And we will support your local community improvement projects. That’s where the name Royal Neighbors came from – combining “neighbor-helping-neighbor” with “royal,” signifying our founders’ belief in the nobility of the work they would do. In 2018 our members generated $17 million in what we call Social Good through programs and support from Royal Neighbors.

Royal Neighbors takes great pride in the fact that they support micro-communities across the country. They especially support women, as they are proudly a women-run company. They have some of the most flexible underwriting, when it comes to mental diagnoses, such as bipolar, severe depression/anxiety, etc.

Something quite special about Royal Neighbors- Once you have a life insurance policy with them, you become a member and get access to discounts on prescription medicines, dentist visits, eye exams, glasses/contacts, some attorney needs and more.


Sample Rate Sheet:




55 $37.51 $46.31
56 $39.23 $47.10
57 $42.66 $19.53
58 $45.63 $50.07
59 $49.55 $51.88
60 $52.37 $55.12
61 $55.90 $59.44
62 $59.12 $61.09
63 $61.88 $68.12
64 $62.99 $73.19
65 $65.73 $80
66 $69.80 $90.60
67 $73.65 $107.11
68 $76.12 $111.69
69 $78.11 $115.07
70 $80.83 $118.12
71 $82.12 $121.18
72 $85.10 $125.97
73 $89.18 $128.10
74 $91.10 $130.99
75 $94.09 $134.62
76 $98.46 $137.91
77 $100.01 $140.12
78 $103.13 $145.19
79 $108.27 $149.83
80 $110.41 $153.81


Insider Info about the Best Burial Insurance Companies in 2020

We chose some of the best burial insurance companies with high A.M.Best ratings and who have been in business for a long time. They are well-backed by investors, which benefits you. The price of policies drops when they have solid financial security and are financially solvent.

TIP: Always look for high-rated companies with an A.M. BEST A to A++ ratings because they can offer the best insurance policies at the best prices.

Not all insurance companies are equal. You want to do business with stable companies that offer the best product at the lowest price, companies like Mutual of Omaha.  It’s a prominent company, well-established, providing excellent service and coverage.

For seniors and people with certain health conditions, Gerber Life Insurance is going to be the best option by far. They’re great with seniors. They also offer popular guaranteed issue policies.

American Amicable Life Insurance is a super life-insurance company that has been around forever. It has very high ratings and one you can trust.

A real solid company you may want to look into is Foresters Life Insurance. They generously offer customers Preferred Health ratings, which are some of the highest health ratings.  Most often they will offer for burial insurance, even if you have some common but moderate health conditions.

American Amicable Life Insurance Company

American Amicable Life Insurance Company is a phenomenal company as well. They have been around a long time with a super high rating.

You may not have heard of Royal Neighbors of America. This is a life insurance company that is smaller but is quickly growing because their prices and customer service are amazing. They have a preferred health rating just like Forester’s Life Insurance. In certain situations, clients with medical conditions like diabetes combined with neuropathy are accepted. Companies like Royal Neighbors of America will give you an outstanding rate and their living benefits are just incredible that they have built-in there.

These are some of the best life insurance companies Protect With Insurance contracts with when looking for the best coverage and prices for your burial insurance. These are exceptional companies with straight A’s on their rating report card.  In 2020 these are life insurance companies to keep your eye on. They treat their customers and their clients extremely well. They pay-out reliably, Their ratings are excellent.

TIP: Make sure your insurance broker like Protect With Insurance is able to offer you policies with A ratings.

Burial Insurance to Pay Your Final Expenses

Burial Insurance to Pay Your Final Expenses

Final expenses are your end-of-life expenses. You want a life insurance policy that’s going to take care of burial expenses, cremation expenses, funeral services and all those kinds of expenses associated with death.

This type of life insurance is important because the burden of the burial expenses is not passed onto your loved ones. One of the most stressful things a person can go through in life is making the arrangements and paying for the burial of a loved one.

Burial insurance is really simple, a really clean whole life structured policy that takes care of those things so that you don’t leave the financial responsibilities to your loved ones.

The question it comes down to is, is it affordable? This is something we can help you with.

Pre-Need Burial Insurance

Happy couple find good insurancePre-need insurance comes into play when you contract with a funeral home, a cremation or burial service and deal directly with them and prepay for their services.

What they do is they call up an agency like ours to get a life insurance policy ahead time to pay for their costs. Once you sign the paperwork, pay them and walk out the door, they call an agent to set up a life insurance policy in your name.

However, if you come to us directly you cut out the middle person. You will save money you can give to your loved ones when you pass.  When you take care of your final expenses this way you tend to get a better deal and more benefits to your loved ones. This way you can ensure that you get the best policy possible at the best price possible.

Why Is Burial Insurance So Good for Seniors?

Burial Life Insurance is always structured as Whole Life Insurance. The price of the policy is locked in forever and it will pay for most of your end-of-life expenses, including your burial costs.

However, there are a lot of people wanting to save a little bit of money by contracting with a company like AARP. You need to be very cautious when you go this route because their Term policy has almost no protection. It has an expiration date and you must remember to renew annually. This can create a bad situation for you because it doesn’t lock in your health beyond one year. If your health disintegrates at all you carry all the risk.

They charge less because they’re only guaranteeing your insurance for the current year. Each year you must renew, which means you have no guarantee you will continue to have protection for the same price and coverage beyond that year.

This couple is secure with life insuranceGuaranteed Issue Burial Insurance Pros & Cons


Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance policies will cover you if you’re perfectly healthy or in ill health.  As long as you are between the ages of 50 and 80,  guarantee life insurance options are available. Insurance companies write a lot of these types of insurance policies because it’s very common for people to have health complications.

Sometimes guaranteed issue policies are the only option for individuals suffering from severe health issues, including active cancer, chemo, or have been diagnosed with a terminal condition.

The reason you don’t see many people with terminal conditions getting these policies is that the costs go up the roof.  We can do the research for you to find out what’s affordable for you.

Guaranteed issue policies are going to be higher but they do guarantee approval as long as you’re 50 to 80  years old. They don’t even ask height and weight. They’re not going to ask a single health question. They just want to know what’s your gender and what’s your age. So it’s very easy and very simple to price.


The downside of guaranteed issue life insurance is that if death occurs within the first two years after starting your policy your beneficiary or beneficiaries are only going to receive what you paid into the policy those first two years, plus possibly 10 percent.

If you live past those two years and your payments are current, it’s a 100 percent payout to them of the agreed life insurance amount. It’s locked in forever. You don’t ever revert back. That’s a guaranteed issue policy.

Cuple relax after getting whole life insurance

This kind of life insurance can be a real lifesaver for a lot of people that otherwise cannot get any life insurance. We help people almost every single day who have not been able to get other types of life insurance.

Protect with Insurance can offer a guaranteed life insurance policy if nothing else works. Occasionally we surprise customers by appointing them with a preferred health rating with a life insurance company because we can shop many options for them.

One last thing that’s important to know is that Burial Insurance is structured as whole life insurance policies, so they have more flexible underwriting. Meaning that in a lot of cases there’s a very good chance you can get a better health rating.

Which means a better price, and which means most likely the insurance is going to start right away. And that’s another reason why burial insurance policies so ideal for seniors.

We hope that, that this has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, any concerns, anything at all, please reach out to us if there anything we can do for you.