Understanding Term Life Insurance

Hello, this is Chad McMahan I’m here in beautiful downtown Prescott area in Arizona by the County Courthouse.

It’s a bustling day with lots of activity!

Today, I’m gonna be talking about Term Life Insurance.

Now, Term Life Insurance is exactly what it sounds like it’s a life insurance policy that lasts for a term.

Typically ten, twenty or thirty years. There are also fifteen and twenty-five-year terms and the longer the term the more expensive.

So, a 30-year term is going to cost more than a ten-year term. Term Life Insurance is full coverage for any kind of death is going to be covered.

Anything from car accidents to stroke or cancer you think of it it’s going to be covered. They’re a great policy to have.

Typically you’re not going to qualify for a term unless you’re using two or more prescriptions medicines and typically it’s too expensive past the age of 60 or 65.

That tends to be the economical cutoff. Although. there are terms technically that can issue up to the age of about eighty. They’re a great policy very important policy they’re often used for securing the cost of a mortgage or just securing personal finances or income replacement.

There are a lot of great reasons why someone would put together a term policy. They’re a wonderful policy and they tend to be an economical route because of the expiration date. So that about sums up the importance of a Term Life Insurance Policy.

Stay tuned for other videos as well again this is Chad McMahan. It’s a beautiful day in Prescott to be talking about Term Life Insurance.

Stay safe out there!

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