What are the 3 types of Life Insurance?

The three types of life insurance are whole life insurance, term life insurance, and accidental is also considered the type of life insurance. whole life insurance an insurance policy that sends a lump sum check or it could be payments over time, based on death, now there are lots of variations of these policies, so you may have heard of universal policies, for example, universal life, UIL, those are variations of these three kinds of policies, typically, variations of the whole life side of things now with term you’ve also got variations there. There’s a return of premium term, that is, descending, ascending term policies. And then with the accidental, there are accidental policies straight across the board, there are accidental and disability policies and a few other variations as well. They’re even theft protection policies, things like pet insurance policies, all of those fun things.

So lots of variations of these three types but those are pretty much the three types of policies for life insurance, again its whole life insurance, term life insurance, and accidental life insurance, so I hope this has been helpful, click the button below for a free consultation. Ask questions if you like me to provide particular videos and answer questions for you. I’ll be glad to help. Alright, this Chad signing out. Take Care.


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