What Are The Benefits of Life Insurance?

The Benefits of Life Insurance

Happy Family knows they are covered with life insuranceThe number one reason why people get life insurance is for the death benefit. That’s the most important reason but not the only reason.

If you die while you have coverage your beneficiary, your family, receives a lump sum amount from the insurance company.

It could be anything from $3,000 to $500,000, depending upon the type of policy your agent sets up for you and your goals.

That being said, there are lots of other benefits that you can have as part of your policy. We at Protect With Insurance have access to quite a few companies offering most types of policies that can benefit you and your family.

There are policies that will cover your salary if you suffer a disability and cannot work. These type policies can cover your monthly income until you are recovered enough to return.

If you come down with a terminal-critical chronic condition your life insurance company can send you all or part of the money you have paid in right then and there because you’ve been fully paid on the policy.

There are insurance companies that give special, member benefit that can provide significant discounts on prescription medicines, dental and vision, glasses, contacts, hearing aids, batteries and legal discounts.

You can even connect directly with an attorney at a steep discount.

There are lots of other things too. They can provide community grants. If you want to start a project for your community, things like that. They’re big time supporters of local communities.

There are many examples like that. Lots of benefits that you can have in your policies.

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