What are the benefits of Life Insurance?

So this question actually came from Susie, who is a client of mine now. I hadn’t met with her yet when she had asked the question over the phone. it’s a great question and it’s kind of a one-on-one baseline question that really helps to understand, why life insurance is such a great thing.

So the benefits of life insurance, the number one reason why people generally get life insurance is for the death benefit. that’s the number one reason, not the only reason. So that is just you, you pass away, you die. typically for any reason. So a lot of full coverage options out there. So you die for any reason and your beneficiary of your choosing receives a lump sum amount in the mail from the insurance company. It could be anything like $3,000, or it could be $500,000, depending upon the type of policy. That your agent sets up for you and depending upon what your goals are and all of that.

So that’s the number one reason why people get life insurance. That’s the number one benefit. That being said, there are lots and lots of other benefits that you can have that can be part of your policy. I’ve got access to quite a few companies, and these companies all offer 10, 15 different products each.

So, I’ve got a lot of these products at my fingertips. And some of them are gonna be similar life insurance policies, but they just changed the additional benefits that you get. Here are some examples. if you, have disability away from work and you know, you get injured and you’re not able to work, you’re not able to get an income that they will actually, the insurance policy will kick you a monthly.

amount of money to take care of that, that income replacement. Another good example, you come down with a terminal critical chronic condition. The doctor says, Hey, I’m Betsy. I’m really sorry, I’ve got bad news. you’ve got end-stage renal disease. You’ve got, you know, stage four, whatever. You know, something awful that you’ve got to deal with.

The insurance company can send you all or part of the money right then and there, and the policy will just end because you’ve been fully paid on the policy. another example, there’s a company that gives a special, member benefit. And it’s significant discounts on prescription medicines and dental and vision, glasses, contacts, hearing AIDS, hearing aid, batteries, legal, legal discounts.

You know, you can connect directly with an attorney and not a life insurance attorney, just an attorney at a steep discount. lots of other things too. They provide community grants. If you want to start a project. For your community, things like that. They’re big time supporters of local communities.

So lots and lots of examples like that. Lots of benefits that you can have in your policies. So I hope that’s been helpful. Now, I would love to talk with you about your situation specifically. So click on the button below. If I can provide a free consultation, answer your questions, help you out in any way, just let me know.

Stay safe out there.



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