What Are the Different Health Ratings with Life Insurance?

This is Chad McMahon with Protect with Insurance. I’m hiking along in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, and I’ve got a great life insurance question from Suzy and Tim in Prescott Valley, Arizona, that I wanted to answer.

The question has to do health rating and how they can find out their health rating with their life insurance policy. To answer the first part; a health rating is however healthy your life insurance company deems you are, based on their actuarial tables.

So, what you can hope for is to get either a standard or a preferred health rating. However, not everyone can get a standard or preferred health rating, and that’s okay too. The higher your health rating, the better the deal – a lower cost – you’re going to get on your life insurance policy.

With a high health rating, you will also potentially get more coverage on your policy. But it really varies. Every situation is different, but the best way to find out about your rating is to talk with your agent. Tell them all about your health concerns, and ask them for details regarding your health rating.

Also, ask them what kind of cost do they expect you to incur; simply have that heart-to-heart conversation with your agent. They should take good care of you and guide you in detail.

So, I hope this answer has guided you a bit about health rating with life insurance policies. I’d love to give a more detailed answer, but again, that’s just going to be a great conversation for you to have with your agent. It will allow you to comprehensively explore all your options.

This is Chad McMahon, with Protect with Insurance, signing out. Take care!

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