Arizona Burial Insurance

Arizona Burial Insurance is a whole life, final expense life insurance policy for Arizona residents. If the policy is done right- it will be the last life insurance policy that you will need. This article outlines some key components of burial insurance, with an emphasis on protection for seniors.

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YIKES! Burial Insurance Can Be Sabotaged

All whole life policies slowly build cash value over time. Although, that’s NOT the selling point. In fact, many times, we do not tell clients about the cash value, as it can be a detriment to your loved ones. It sounds like it would be a real asset, but when you remove cash value from a burial insurance policy, your loved ones receive that much less, than the life insurance death benefit.


Is Cash Value Good Or Bad?

In short, the cash value is a good thing. It’s there if you need it. However, it sure can be a tempting nest egg. Our agents only describe it as an emergency fund because utilizing it will negatively impact your precious loved ones. This consequence is the reason most insured will never take money out of their burial policy. Simply put, most of us want a lump sum to go to our loved ones when we die.

How is Burial Insurance Different?

Since Arizona Burial Insurance is structured as whole life insurance, it has certain benefits. It is important to note that this type of whole life insurance is unlike  universal or jumbo whole life insurance.  

  1. It never expires
  2. Your rate is locked in
  3. Your coverage is locked in
  4. It’s easier to qualify for burial insurance
  5. Coverage is lower than term
  6. It provides FULL coverage, including medical AND accidental

Burial Insurance Coverage Amounts

Arizona Burial insurance typically has death benefits ranging from $5,000 to $40,000. It’s simply built to cover whatever your beneficiaries need for your final expenses.  In addition, you may want to designate some additional funds for your loved ones.  Within Arizona, we see MANY more cremations, than burials. Therefore, many Arizonans have burial insurance policies in the $5,000 – $10,000 range.

Whereas, traditional burial is more expensive and whose coverage is usually around $15,000 – $25,000.  Obviously, depending upon your wishes and the extent of your desired funeral, transportation, etc, your costs can be higher or lower. This, of course, would decrease or increase the needs and cost of your policy. Occasionally, we have clients that say, “I don’t mind if my wife just buries me in the backyard.” In this case, a $5,000 burial insurance policy is usually sufficient because they mean they just want a no-nonsense affair.

Finally, burial insurance is an extraordinarily important life insurance polic., It effectively eases the financial burden for your loved ones. And it’s something that most people can afford, even on a fixed income, which is common for seniors. Most of our clients are retired seniors, on disability or on social security. Burial insurance is a more affordable life insurance option for seniors.

You might be surprised at the cost. Many times, even just a $5,000 policy makes a big difference to our loved ones, and it’s often affordable. You can instantly get a free burial insurance quote right here on our website, at: