What is Arizona Term Life Insurance

Arizona Term Life Insurance is life insurance that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time or term.  Now, there’s a common misnomer about Term Life Insurance policies.

Oftentimes, 10 to 20 years later mistakenly believe they have a Whole Life Insurance policy that never expires.  You can check this by looking at your policy’s payment schedule.  Term Life Insurance Policies go up in cost as it matures.

Now, there are exceptions to this rule. Universal Life Policies will increase in cost and in coverage.

However, Term policies remain the same price 10-20 years.  Then all of a sudden, it goes up tenfold. Then after another five-year increment, the price will continue to go up. Not all Term Life Insurance policies are the same. Some you cannot renew at all. Some  you can only renew for five years.

These extensions will increase in price every year. That might be sustainable for five to 10 years, but again, it’s common for those prices to go up tenfold or more.

I have clients in Prescott, Arizona who had an exisiting term, which I replaced with an Arizona Term Life insurance policy. Their Term Policy was just about to expire.

Their original price was just over $800 a year. It was going to increase to  $10,000 per year in the first five years. After that, it was going to be $100,000 a year!

That’s just crazy. It’s not sustainable. An Arizona Term Life insurance does truly have a date that it’s designed for a certain length of time between 10 and 30 years. After that, it’s always less expensive to get a shorter-term life insurance policy. However, the price is going to change on you and sometimes the insurance company is going to require a ParaMed visit.

So it depends on the terms of the contract. If they give you a five-year minimum, then they can’t require any kind of paramedic visit until that five year period is over.  Sometimes there’s no five-year guarantee or one year guarantee or even a renewal guarantee.

Some insurance companies are going to protect themselves. So when you get to the end there. The price is going up, no matter what. That’s going to happen with your Term Life insurance policy. Once you satisfy the obligations of the contract, then they’re not required to keep you as a client.

Insurance companies may want to have your health checked out before you can renew.  Even with a guaranteed renewal, your Term life insurance policy can get very expensive. There’s no guarantee on what the price is going to be unless it’s in your payment schedule.

 You can be assured that your Arizona Term Life Insurance policy is the best way to get large coverage protection. The only other way is to choose a Jumbo Whole Life policy, which requires exceptional health and is substantially more costly.  The other option, if you’re looking for more extensive coverage and you’re not healthy or you have more than three prescription medicines,  is an Accidental Only policy, and those can be fantastic.

You can start one up to the age of 70. But once you turn 71, you cannot apply for an Accidental Only policy. There are some exceptions to all of these. 99% of cases you can get an accident only policy until age 70.

 Protect With Insurance offers policies with terms that cover you until you’re 80 years old. That is a long term for an Accidental Only policy.  It’s priced really well because it’s not full coverage. It’s not going to cover medical issues or a death that results from medical issues. It only covers death caused by an unexpected event or an accident.


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