What Is Jumbo Whole Life Insurance And How Do I Get It?

What is Jumbo Whole Life Insurance?

What is Jumbo Whole Life Insurance?Most people have never heard of Jumbo Whole Life Insurance. It’s a great insurance policy that should be considered if you are young.

This type of life insurance is a large coverage policy that requires the insured to be very healthy. Typically it can pay out $50,000 all the way into the millions.

Most people wanting this type of life insurance will look at a $100,000 or $200,000 policy. Jumbo Life Insurance can be acquired at a reduced cost so it’s very desirable. You can get $100,000 whole life insurance policy at what may cost someone else that has poor health and is the same age as you quite a lot more.

If you are a non-smoker, a smoker the same age as you is going to pay for a $30,000 or $40,000 policy the same price you would be paying for a $100,000 policy. You get a better price with Jumbo Whole Life Insurance but again, it requires a higher level of health.


Actual Jumbo Whole Life Insurance Prices!

These are NOT terms! They are WHOLE life insurance. If you look at these prices and say- “Well my term life insurance costs less than that.” Bear in mind- of course it does. Your term life insurance will end at the finality of your term, or else you start paying skyrocketed prices, to where it is no longer Actual Jumbo Whole Life Insurance Prices!affordable.

The following, are actual jumbo life insurance prices at the time of this article creation. However, please understand, life insurance carriers change their prices, often. When we check current prices for you, on the phone, prices may not match. As always, we will shop all appropriate options and effort to get you the lowest prices, available.

Jumbo whole life insurance pricing is exceptionally low cost. As a reminder, most people can NOT qualify for jumbo whole life. For those that make the cut, contact us for an up-to-date accurate price. The following prices are for ages 40 – 60. However, if you are outside this age range, you may also qualify for this type of life insurance. Reach out so we can help.

Jumbo whole life insurance can go up to $5,000,000. The larger the life insurance policy coverage, the higher the cost. Depending on your age and the policy amount, your jumbo whole life policy may be simple issue, or it may require a medical exam.

Also, please note these jumbo prices are lifetime prices. For slightly higher cost, you may have the option of a paid-up in 20 year policy.

$50,000 Jumbo Whole Life Insurance

*These prices show non-smoker rates

*Prices are monthly premiums

Ages Female Male
40 $49.81 $57.42
41 $52.98 $60.75
42 $57.20 $64.20
43 $60.45 $67.95
44 $63.72 $71.12
45 $66.99 $74.93
45 $70.12 $78.20
47 $73.49 $81.85
48 $76.87 $85.25
49 $80.23 $89
50 $83.67 $92.75
51 $88.97 $96.12
52 $91.21 $99.87
53 $94.45 $103.10
54 $97.12 $106.81
55 $100.20 $110.22
56 $103.80 $113.90
57 $106.20 $117.32
58 $109.55 $120.98
59 $111.75 $126.12
60 $114.84 $132.50


$100,000 Jumbo Whole Life Insurance

*These prices show non-smoker rates

*Prices are monthly premiums

Ages Female Male
40 $95.27 $110.49
41 $101.70 $117.99
42 $108.23 $125.48
43 $114.75 $132.98
44 $121.24 $140.50
45 $127.89 $148.01
45 $133.20 $155.52
47 $139.65 $163
48 $146.12 $170.51
49 $152.65 $178.03
50 $159.10 $185.62
51 $165.61 $192.99
52 $171.23 $200.49
53 $177.91 $209.12
54 $184.32 $225.57
55 $190.93 $230.10
56 $197.40 $237.61
57 $203.91 $245.10
58 $210.12 $250.12
59 $216.99 $255.18
60 $225.33 $260.65


Health Issues That Impact Jumbo Whole Life Insurance

Health Issues That Impact Jumbo Whole Life InsuranceWhole Life Insurance is  a life insurance policy that locks in for the rest of your life. It’s also known as permanent life insurance or pure life insurance. It never expires. What what you have written in your policy is going to belocked for the rest of your life. Rates and premiums remain the same.

Everything remains the same for the rest of your life. It’s going to build up cash value over time. Because it’s full coverage, it’s going to cover every kind of death except for intentionally self-inflicted death, of course.

To get Jumbo Whole Life Insurance, as mentioned before, you have to be very healthy. What that means is if you are taking prescription drugs, you can only be on one serious medication.  If you are taking medication the medication has to be minor.

It’s okay in most cases if you have diabetes but you have to be using something like Metformin. You can’t be using insulin and it can only be one diabetes medication pill that you are taking. If you’re using two or more medications for this condition you will not be able to get this type coverage.

Taking blood pressure medication is acceptable. Cholesterol medication is usually okay as long as it’s not a high dosage.

If you are taking pain medication, if it’s a smaller dosage that’s not for severe pain, you’re probably fine. But if it’s a strong medication like Gabapentin for nerve pain, it would be an automatic decline.

Advantages of Jumbo Whole Life Insurance

Almost everyone who qualifies should get Jumbo Whole Life Insurance. Most agents don’t write this type of policy because there are very few people that can
qualify and many agents don’t know enough about it to offer it to everyone else.

A lot of people just aren’t in the know on that.  Out of a hundred policies that we at Protect With Insurance write perhaps only two of them are jumbo whole life. This is because most people can’t qualify or it’s not the best fit for them.

Based on your heath, gender, whether you are a smoker or nonsmoker and of course age we can offer rates from $50,000 to $200,000.

Another plus for jumbo whole life policies is that you can choose to either have a lifetime payment, meaning the same monthly payment that never changes or you can do what’s called “the 20 pay-up,” which means you just pay it for the next 20 years and then you’re done. It’s all paid up. You don’t have to pay beyond that.

So for people that are younger, let’s say 40 or below or even 45 or younger, you are going to want to have a shorter term pay up. Usually there’s a cap on that. Past the age of about 50 or 60 they don’t let you do that anymore.

If you’re younger, then that’s a great way to go. Pay up a big policy while you’re young and not have to pay it later when you’re on a fixed income. So it  usually doesn’t cost that much more to opt in for that. Most people like the lifetime option because they want to cut costs wherever they can and that’s a way to reduce your monthly cost.

Advantages of Jumbo Whole Life Insurance


We hope this has been helpful. Jumbo Whole Life Insurance is a wonderful thing. It’s a great form of life insurance.  If you have any questions about it, please reach out to us, and can schedule a call. Go to the top of the website and click on the schedule button and make an appointment.
We will be happy to answer questions about Jumbo Whole Life Insurance