What is the Best Life Insurance

There are many life insurance options. What's the best?

This is Chad McMahon with Protect with Insurance, I just had an appointment with a lovely lady in Prescott, her name is Dolores and Dolores, right out of the Gate, she said, Chad, what is the best life insurance? And I think what she meant by the question, well, I know what she makes; we spoke about it at length what she meant was that what’s the Best life insurance Prescott Arizona that I can get that and afford.

Yeah, so there are two, and I’m going to give you the quick answer to this great question but it’s something you could talk about for a long time or you could answer quickly.

The short answer or a short illustration of this question is that she wanted to know what’s the best that I can afford, what’s the best for the price and she had a pretty tight budget, she’s on a fixed income and, so what I had to start by doing is asking her what’s important to her in a policy because it’s more than just a death benefit, you know a lot of policies out there, that’s all theyoffer, and you can get the price downthat way but we spoke at length and it turned out that what she was concerned about, she has some chronic and critical illnesses that run in her family, she was concerned about if she has one of those, and if she gets one of those that she’s going to get some financial support, and that’s called a living benefit, so what we looked at is which policy offered sufficient death benefit coverage as well as that living benefit, and those living benefits those writers that were attached to the policy, which policies had those things that were within budget and that’s what we looked at so as far as what is the best life insurance, your agent should have enough access where they can get you as low price as possible but just have a sense in your agent can help you through this process, you know, as far as what’s important to you and what the difference in costs are going to be based on getting different writers different living benefits attached to your policy.


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