What You Need to Know When Choosing a Life Insurance Company

Choosing Life Insurance Policies


Choosing Life Insurance Company

Choosing life insurance? Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed with the numerous Arizona life insurance companies out there? It’s an aggressive market. So, which companies do you go with? Here’s what you need to know about Arizona life insurance companies,  Most of these life insurance companies have pretty much the same products, they work the same way, they cover you the same way and they pay the same way. The difference is going to be in their actuarial tables and their pricing. 

What Is an Actuarial Life Table?

An actuarial life table is a table or spreadsheet that calculates the death probability of a person at a certain age. These statistics compute life expectancy for people of different ages. An actuarial life table is computed separately for men and women because they have different mortality rates. An actuarial life table is also called a mortality table, life table, or actuarial table.

Actuarial tables are how your insurer determines what risk they’re willing to accept at a certain premium price. Obviously, you want the highest health rating possible.  You want to be rated with a Preferred Plus. That higher rating is going to get you the lowest premium price.

The health ratings mean different things according to your plan. A Standard Health Rating or an ROP Whole Life health rating is not the same as an ROP Term.  So if you receive an ROP graded or standard health rating on whole life, you probably could be getting at least a Preferred Health rating from a different insurer.

In order to shop around for your best health ratings, you would need to meet with at least 30 or 40 agents.  That’s an insurmountable task unless your agent has access to a multitude of insurers and plans.

At Protect With Insurance, every member of the team has access to a whole slew of A-rated companies to show you. That way we can locate the highest health rating possible for you. So you need to ask your agent what your health rating is within each insurer’s plan. Be certain to have them write down what exact health rating you receive with each insurer and plan.

We at Protect With Insurance are ready to get you those answers right now.  Get you a free consultation and call right away at the number below.

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