Permanent Whole Life Insurance

Permanent Whole Life Insurance is just as it sounds. It lasts your whole life. The plan will never expire or change.

Whole Life Insurance is usually the desired option for anyone ages 60 – 90. Whole life insurance typically insures for $5,000 – $40,000.

Let’s take a look at why over 83% of people with life insurance choose a Whole Life Insurance policy.

Life insurance is an excellent financial solution the pay the following:

1.) Medical bills

2.) Mortgage payments

3.) Funeral expenses, such as burial insurance

4.) Financial gift

5.) Misc bills/expenses

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  1. Text “permanent life quote” to (928) 267-6058
  2. Easily provide info from your mobile device
  3. Get your quote!



It’s important to understand the differences between Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance. As you can see pictured above, Term Life lasts 10 – 30 years.

Whole life, on the other hand, lasts your entire life. It never expires and the price never changes. It accumulates cash value that you can use as a “loan” to yourself. More commonly it is used to make the payments on your behalf so you don’t have to, later.

Example: Cost of $25,000 Whole Life Insurance

Please note that these rates are only examples for informational use only. For your exact quote, TEXT or call us at (928) 323-0933

Above, you can see a cost estimate for a $25,000 whole life policy in Arizona. This would be for what is known as a Standard Issued Policy. This means you are approximately average health. However, if you have had major health concerns such as cancer, COPD or Alzheimers, you can still get whole life insurance. Below you will find the estimated cost of life insurance that is guaranteed issue. This means, no matter what your health is, you are guaranteed to get a policy. The only caveat is that there is usually a 2 year decreased pay period.

If you pass away, within those first two years, the insurance company will refund all the money you paid into the policy to your beneficiary plus 10% interest. Once you reach the 24-month mark, your policy is exactly the same as a normal, standard, whole life insurance policy.

Example: Cost of Guaranteed Issue $15,000 Whole Life Insurance

As you can see, the Guaranteed Issue Policy costs more. That is because the insurance company is taking on greater risk.

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